Who are the people in your neighborhood?

By Blog Director: Sandra Pascal

Last month we were invited to a neighborhood breakfast hosted by our neighbor that lives five houses down from us. It was actually pretty odd because we have lived in several neighborhoods and really have never known our neighbors. Its sad but true. We are always too busy to take the time and meet our neighbors.
I am so happy that this wonderful lady put this event together because we got to meet some really nice, loving and kind people. She was inspired to do this because she has lived in our neighborhood for five months and had never met any of her neighbors. She did not want to meet under emergency or tragic circumstances, for example an earthquake or house fire. I thought it was brilliant. Our kids had a blast and the adults got to interact and enjoy wonderful conversation with fellow neighbors.
It was intended to be a breakfast and it actually ended up to be a whole day event. We spend the whole day together visiting each others houses. We cooked and had drinks together. It really felt good to spend time with people who you share a neighborhood with. You should know who your neighbor is. What if there is an emergency and you need help? Do you have your neighbors contact info? Do you know their names? I am so in love with my neighborhood. Its so nice to know that there are still nice, kind, pleasant people in the world and they live on our street.
I encourage that you invite your neighbors over for a cup of coffee or pot luck. Get to know who is on your block. Its really important. It creates a safe and loving environment for our kids. Lets take it back like it used to be. When neighbors cared about each other and had each others back. Your new friend might just be your neighbor!

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