How to Deal With Winter If You Hate It

Sun SmileI dislike winter! I hate the way the cold feels. I hate the chilly wind ripping across my face. I hate driving and walking in snow.  I hate bundling up to go outside!

I can’t change the weather in Chicago; I like to joke about packing up and moving someplace warm like Florida.  However, I am close to my family and they are here.  I have decided to find ways to embrace it.  Maybe these tips will help you too.

1) Get a nice, warm coat and boots, etc.  Wear good quality gloves, your hands will thank you. Keep your head toasty with a hat.

2) Find for a winter activity to enjoy and go out and do it. When you look forward to something, it makes you happier.  My daughter wants to go ice skating. I plan to take her this winter. Some people like skiing, sledding or ice fishing. Discover your thing and have fun!

3) Cook up some comfort food. Making soup is perfect for a cold day.  Your house will smell great and you will be eating healthy too.  I don’t like to cook much, but I think I will try.  Chicken soup is calling my name.

4) Spend time with somebody who loves winter.  My daughter is five and she gets excited when it snows.  She loves playing in it.  It makes me smile.  

5) Treat yourself.  Having a few winter luxuries can make you feel warmer and cozier.  It also can cause the season to be more tolerable.  I like to have a cup of hot chocolate and a hot shower.  My hubby gave me new warm pajamas for Christmas and a matching blanket. It has made a difference.

I may hate winter, but I push through.  It only lasts a few months.  In the meantime, I will dream of spring and summer!

Erica Coghlan

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