Why is that….. Mom???

By: Cristina Coreas

So I always thought it was super hilarious to see those viral videos on moms acting like they have won a million dollars once school started.  You know the ones where the mom does an embarrassing and awkward happy dance because they finally get a break from their children and the children look like they are going to a torture chamber because they will no longer be tormenting their parents all day everyday in the summer?

Yea.  Although I thought they were amusing I never really fully understood the magnitude of relief because I am a mother of only one little girl who I can still comfortably control at the tender age of 3 ½.  It wasn’t until I had both my daughter and my nephew all day everyday for the past two weeks that I caught a tiny glimpse of the chaotic world of a mom of multiple children.

Now some of you mom-nurturing-daughter-11092702may be thinking two? Eh, that’s nothing! But these kids fight like they are true siblings and as much as they love each other my ears seem to go into scratching chalkboard mode when I hear them bickering constantly over utter nonsense. And although I only have one daughter she can still manage to occasionally push my buttons.

Well anyway, during this time of mothering two,  I caught myself using a lot of repetitive mom lingo with them, but one phrase I constantly thought in my head and randomly rhetorically asked them, was the question, “ Why is it that…..?” Oh moms you know what I am talking about right!?  The questions that seem to surge because it doesn’t make sense at the moment as to why they do the things they do. For example, “ Why is it that there can be a million toys in your room but as soon as someone comes over and picks up a random toy that you NEVER play with it seems to become the only toy in the room you are interested in?”  Raise your hands ladies and gents if you have been there.

Uh huh! So I compiled a bunch of random why is it that questions that I feel most moms typically ask themselves for the sake of laughs and to basically remind ourselves we are not alone in this realm of parenting.  Hope you enjoy and God Bless You Mommies and Daddies for just being YOU!

When you are the mother of a  baby/toddler…. WHY IS IT THAT….?

  • EVERY TIME I put you in a car seat you have to wriggle your back like a snake and scream at the top of your lungs so people think I’m torturing you when all I’m trying to do is buckle your seatbelt in the car seat for your safety????
  • Tummy time seems like more of a work out for you than me?
  • Food must go on every part of your high chair and body except for the most important one. Your mouth.
  • You manage to be a human vacuum cleaner when you are crawling on the floor and even though I thoroughly manage to clean that floor you find that one random piece of God knows what to ingest?
  • Getting your diaper bag ready to go anywhere feels more like I am packing for a trip out of state and then I still manage to forget something!?
  • Even though I asked you repeatedly before leaving the house if you have to use the bathroom you seem to find the need to go right when we are pulling out of the driveway?
  • You are like  brand new puppies leaving your mark because you decide you need to use every public restroom for every single location we arrive to?
  • You can pass out the whole entire car ride but when I want to put you down to continue napping so I can finish the million and one things on my list you are wide awake?
  • You are perfect angels when anyone else is watching you but the minute I get a hold of you, you become tiny terrors?

When you are the mother of a preteen/ teenager…. WHY IS IT THAT…?

  • I can’t get you to retell me your multiplication facts but you know the lyrics of every single Taylor Swift song on the radio?
  • You find the incessant need to ask if we are there yet every couple of minutes?
  • You don’t know how to put the toilet seat down? Oh wait, that never changes.
  • The floor of your bedroom becomes your dresser/closet?
  • You wait until the night before to let me know that you have a major project due for school?
  • You think you do everything around the house when you are asked to help out?
  • You are automatically entitled to  use my make up and my clothes/shoes?
  • You find the need to touch every single thing in the store and ask me if you can have it when you know the answer is always no?
  • Your eyes are permanently stuck staring at the top of your forehead?
  • Anytime I am on the phone it is like a radar that goes off in your head that says, go bother your mom.

When you are a parent. Period. Why is it that…?

  • Anytime you aren’t paying attention and I just stare at you, I smile?
  • You teach me life lessons just by being yourself?
  • I live for your hugs and kisses and my world becomes whole again?
  • Your laugh is the most contagious thing on this earth? It is like music to my ears.
  • One of my favorite things to watch you do is play with your dad or siblings?
  • Nothing means more to me than when you say, I love you, mommy?
  • I love everything about you?
  • The best job in the world is being your mom?

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