Anxiety and Stress…. Welcome to My World!

by: Sandra Pascal- Blog Director
When I was asked to write this blog, I knew my first one would be about anxiety and stress. Im not trying to be Debbie Downer. Actually the complete opposite, Realistic Rebecca. :)  I just celebrated my 7th wedding anniversary and we have 2 beautiful kids. Nash, 4 yrs old and Emma Star, 2 yrs old. I’m a 36 yr old full time mom with a  full time job and dabble in many other business ventures. I am passionate about living the life you love and empowering others to do the same. Not every day is full of rainbows and roses. Most of my days consist of changing diapers, cooking, cleaning, running a household, and working full time. Therefore,  anxiety and stress is almost a daily occurrence. Some days are worse than others. How can you not get stressed out when you are trying to juggle everything? I want to be a good wife, super cool mom, with a great job and amazing wardrobe (and super fit body). However, I was driving myself and my husband insane trying to meet these crazy and unrealistic expectations.  I was doing everything and nothing was really getting done. Does that make sense? So, I took a step back and with the help of a therapist realized that it’s my life and I make the rules. I needed to GIVE myself a break. Stop with the crazy expectations. Not every day was going to be a perfect hair day. It really was ok to order take out once in a while. I was not going to be a bad wife if my husband came home from work and our house looked like a tornado hit it. As long as my kids were safe and were being loved that’s all that matters. So what if the dishes did’t get done? Is the dirty dish police going to come knocking? ummmm, NO! :)
Last but not least, a few months ago I decided that once or twice a month I would dedicate a day to myself. I would go to a movie, get my nails done, hang out at a coffee shop… just chill out, ALONE. I think that as moms we have this crazy 100 lbs of guilt that we carry around if we God forbid take time for ourselves. That’s ridiculous. I can’t believe I used to beat myself up if I went out and just had some “me” time. After the very first time I did that, I came home and was a new refreshed person. I realized that taking this time to be alone and just have some peace and quiet actually made me a better wife and mother.
Listen up mommies! You deserve to give yourself a break. Stop trying to save the world. You are not super hero, unless of course you are wearing a cape as you read this blog. lol
You are going to end up making yourself sick, physically and/or mentally.
Be good to yourself.
You stretch yourself out so thin that sometimes you feel like you are going to snap. That is not healthy. Take my advice. Even if its just 3 or 4 hrs one day. Just go! Get in the car and just go. Even if you just go to your local mall or coffee shop. It does not have to be anything fancy. The important and valuable action is that you give yourself a break. If you are not happy. If you are stressed out and overwhelmed. You are not going to be a productive human being. You and your family deserve better.
Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. I look forward to hearing your feedback.
From one Full Time Mom to Another…xoxoxoxo you are awesome!

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