Making Time for Us

Before we had kids, my husband and I would go on dates all the time.  Dinner, Movies, parties, you name it. These were all part of our weekends.  Then we became parents and that all went to the wayside.  We should not have let parenting get in the way of our relationship.  We still need to make time for each other.

I love my children and being a mom is amazing, but my husband is a top priority too! He works odd schedule in addition to working the nightshift.  Are time together is limited.  We can’t always get a sitter for the kids, so we have found other ways to spend time together.

When the kids are in bed, it is our time.  We have what we call “Wine date”. It’s nice to share a glass of wine, talk and watch a little television. This way we can relax and connect. If it leads to other ways of connecting, even better!

When we do get the chance to go on dates, I treasure it.  We can’t forget that our relationship is what started it all.  There are other things we do to connect as well. We always text or talk to each other while he is at work.  For now, that has to be enough, at least until our children are older. 

You have to work at a marriage for it to succeed.  Making time for each other is so important! It gives us a chance to remember how we fell for each other in the first place. Then we realize how much we still love one another.

Erica Coghlan

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