Growing Up and Trying To Understand Jesus – The Ultimate “Undercover Boss”

13th Appearance
As I raise my kids, I find I have to continuously re-invent ways to make sure they grow up to be the best people possible.

It’s a challenge, because unfortunately, the world is full of selfishness, indifference and greed. That’s why it’s so important to be selfless, involved and giving.

To be sure, “All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten” by Robert Fulghum is in fact the THE rules for life. Essentially, it’s multiple ways to follow the Golden Rule.

Most kids are told to behave like this and readily follow it when they’re young.

And yet, as kids get older, it’s easy to forget to treat people the right way, to lose a sense of wonder, and to overlook the best parts of what each day has to offer.

Little kids know to be nice, say please and thank you and to run over to a friend who scrapes a knee. They marvel at bugs, sunsets and flowers. They fall down a lot but keeping getting back up.

As kids age, we parents need to remind them to be empathetic and fair. We need to tell them (despite the eye rolling) to notice the full moon or the beauty of a snowfall. We need to encourage them to get back in the game after letting that goal get by or hitting that wrong note in a solo.

As a Christian mother, I also see resistance in the kids’ faith lives. They seem to want to believe in God like they did when they were little, but they just can’t, because now they know enough to question and doubt.

So how to explain why Jesus was God in the flesh, and why God would want to live as a human, anyway?

While watching the TV show “Undercover Boss,” I had an epiphany – that Jesus really was “The Boss” come to earth in human form. (I’ve since found out it’s not THAT original of I thought on my part – just Google it). Nevertheless, it’s a meaningful connection.

It truly struck me that as executives gave up their prestige and worked their employees’ jobs; they obtained insight into those lives they’d never experience any other way. These are very human, every day people who do the work to keep the companies running. They have families, goals, and troubles.

This is how God got to know us – by living a life for the most part as a typical human man. He wasn’t born into royalty – he was born into a carpenter’s family and his friends were fisherman and shepherds.

I think it’s a beautiful thought to imagine how God got to know us through the eyes of Jesus.

It may seem a little crass to compare Jesus’ life to a popular TV show, but for teens, I think the similarities help make Jesus’ mission and His connection to God – and us – relatable. And I’m all in favor of making sure God my kids stay connected in faith any way I can.

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