The Different Types of Mom Friends Every Mom Needs

We all have lots of different types of friends, and they each bring something wonderful and unique to the table.And maybe you haven’t given much thought to each type – but I think it is important to have a balanced variety of friends in your life.

Of course there will be people who fall into several different types and that’s perfect – makes it easier as you work to check each one off your list. 

Mom Friends

  1. The Always Ready to Go Out Friend. This is the friend that you can call or text with 30 minutes notice and she will meet you anytime, anywhere without fail. If you have had a rough day/week/month and you just need to get out – she is your girl. She can always find someone to watch her kids, and she’s always up for a night out, which is perfect because everyone needs to know that they have an escape when they need it. Weekday, weeknight, doesn’t matter. She’s in! 
  2. The Trendsetter Friend. She is always dressed to the nines in the latest fashion trends and knows just what you should be buying for the next two seasons. She’s like your very own Anna Wintour. She loves fashion and loves to do her research. This is great because it saves you a lot of time on the Internet! And if you don’t want to purchase every trend each season, you have someone from which to borrow it all! Keep her close and her closet even closer!
  3. The Day Adventurer Friend. You want to go to the zoo or the museum or a theme park … Of course you call your day-adventurer friend! It doesn’t matter how tired or busy she is – she will always squeeze in a major outing with the kids. She loves packing everyone up and hoofing it around with everyone in tow. And her positive attitude rubs off on you and somehow makes you want to take your own crew on little adventures despite your better judgment. But only with her because she has always packed the right snacks and extra sunscreen and basically everything you didn’t think of.
  4. The Organized Friend. When is that school form due? How many snacks are you supposed to send to camp? Which park is the baseball game at today? – Call your organized friend. She will know. She knows everything and has it all organized and alphabetized and ready to access at a moment’s notice. She’s Siri in human form, and she is super helpful when you are in a panic. Plus she’s never resentful about your cries for help because it’s just who she is and she’s happy to share the info. 
  5. The Practical Friend.  We all need this friend! She can go out and have a great time but she is definitely the voice of reason and calm. When you are fired up about something that happened at the PTO meeting, she can calmly defuse you with a few questions and strong thinking points. She is very even keel and tough to upset because she takes it all in stride. She is a great listener and super trustworthy and probably knows more dirt than Perez Hilton. But she never says a word or judges you for your own crazy drama – that just wouldn’t be practical. 
  6. The Super Positive Friend. This friend is someone you may only be able to handle in small doses depending on your personality. She is ALWAYS happy. And no matter what has happened in her day or life or the weather, she has a positive comment to make. She is the queen of the silver lining and goes around outlining everything she sees. This quality is both endearing and annoying. It is a nice reminder to be a little more positive and at the same time it makes you want to hang out with the next type of friend. 
  7. The Sarcastic/Grumpy Friend. This friend is the yang to the ying of your positive friend. She is always grumpy and complaining about something. Usually her kids or husband and always with a joke or a sarcastic comment and a glass of wine. This friend is just annoyed at everything, and she’s not afraid to share her stories. No matter the situation or the day, she will be annoyed at someone. She is good for a laugh now and then but like the positive friend, it’s better in small doses. 

I could continue but I think I hit high notes. Your job now is to make sure you have these seven types of friends and then to figure out which type you are! haha!! Good luck!

Love and Light – Emily 

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