5 Reasons, Why Two Kids Are Enough for My Family

family-1437716Before my second child was born, I wasn’t sure how many kids I wanted.  When I held my son, then my daughter held him with my husband I couldnt help but smile.  I knew my family was complete with two kids. 

There are several reasons why two kids are the perfect family size for us. 

With two kids, 

1. Being outnumbered is not an issue. We take turns giving the kids baths, putting them to bed and diaper changes.  

2. Transportation- Our car is small, we could not fit another car seat.

3. The age gap is perfect in my eyes. My kids are 6 and almost 2. Even with the age difference, they play together, laugh and cuddle with each other.  They don’t always get along but we help our daughter, who is a chatterbox, relate to her brother. He  on the otherhand doesn’t talk much. 

When my daughter comes home from school, my son’s eyes light up. He is so excited to see her again! She can’t wait to give him a hug.  She likes helping him and teaching him things.  

At the park, she gives him a hand getting up to the slide and sometimes they go down together. She can be very sweet!

4. 2nd time around taught me more. The most important reason why two kids are right for our family is the way that my second child made me feel humble.  I thought I knew it all since I was already a mother.  My son taught me how lucky I am.  

He is happy, a good eater and sleeper. My daughter is sensitive and can be stubborn.  She is a picky eater and sometimes takes a while to fall asleep. They are individuals and my job is to guide them. 

5.  Judgement. Having two kids has helped me understand other parents and not to judge.  The goal is not to put people down. We are all trying to survive this crazy thing called life, right? 

Erica Coghlan


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