Who is in Your Tribe?

“It takes a village” is a phrase that I hear multiple times a day. And honestly, I can’t remember a time when I haven’t heard it. I am not sure when that phrase became popular but it’s a saying that we can all relate to.

Maybe it’s the May Craze or it’s just what we say when we are tired beyond capacity and need to say “Oh my gosh, thank you so much for understanding because I am feeling absolutely crazy right now”  but saying that is just too exhausting, so a silent head nod and adding “…it takes a village” to a momversation allows us all to be real and supportive in five syllables.

Whether it is helping out a friend and taking their kiddo to soccer practice, offering a ride home from a birthday party, waiting with a friend’s little one because they are running late to school pick-up, dropping off a meal, or picking something up at the grocery store for someone since you are already there… we all band together and just jump in and help when needed.ftm_who is your tribe

Our villages are made up of many people that cross generations, neighborhood boundaries, various demographics, and social circles. It’s our tribe that is the smaller set within the village.

A tribe is sometimes wacky, sometimes finicky, sometimes disgruntled, sometimes tough, sometimes silly …but always loyal and always supportive. They are happy for each other, even when it means sadness for themselves or disappointment for others.

Your tribe is dependable. Your tribe is your most trusted circle. Your tribe is your choosing.

Choosing your tribe doesn’t happen all at once. It happens over time. Your tribe forms during some of your weakest moments and your greatest triumphs, during the throes of preschool playdates, on the elementary school blacktop, and the front porches of neighbors.

Tribes evolve over time as new members are added and old members move on. No matter who is in it one thing stays the same, your tribe is special and yours. People come into your life for all reasons, seasons, or for a lifetime.

You learn from each other and lean on one another. Your tribe is for a lifetime no matter how it changes. My tribe is evolving right now. A key member is moving away. I don’t know how I will adapt without her, but I know that we’ll still be in each others lives. That’s what your tribe does, it stays connected even when geography gets in the way.

My tribe is diverse. My tribe is as perfect as it can be. I feel lucky to have each member in my tribe and I feel blessed to have this tribe, and all the other tribes living in my village. I know that I couldn’t live this life without them and I am certain that my life and my children’s life is infinitely better and more complete because of them.

That’s the thing about your tribe and greater village, your life and theirs is a partnership that balances out over time. There will be times when one member needs more than they can give, but each member will have that phase of life. And that is what make the silent head nod and saying “it takes a village” all the more poignant.

Whoever is in your tribe, know that they want to be there. They CHOSE you, too. LEAN on each other and LIFT each other up. LIVE your crazy life together and LOVE every minute of it!

There are no happy accidents.


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