At least I got thru This week…

by: Blanca Olivares- Blog Director

When I found out I was having a girl I was excited.My view of having a girl was we would bond right? I wouldn’t need a man to tell me how to be a girl? To teach my daughter to be a girl?

When my daughter turned one, things ended with her father, and I was a wreck. However, I knew it was the only way to survive. You see, I was a child that lived where domestic violence happened on the daily basis. Therefore,  I wasn’t going to bring my daughter up in that same environment.Since then I was committed to being the mom my daughter could always rely on.

Now, my daughter is 7, a happy and healthy 7 year old. I’m doing good so far :) haha.

We have had a lot of moments such as, getting our nails done, going shopping, and there is the occasional time that we just get up and take a trip somewhere Spur of the moments trips are rare, but in those moment we get to experience a beautiful snow fall or a rainy night.

Needless to say we spend ALOT of time together. So I should have seen this coming, especially since I was a girl and these moments are bound but I sure wasn’t expecting this to happen at 7 years of age and especially after the hectic week I was having!

As you know my daughter is 7 and she wears a size 9 in clothes and a size 3 in shoe. She a lot larger then the other kiddos. In that moment I realized my daughter NOW needs a training bra! YECKS! She is ONLY 7!!!!!!! My thoughts went right to, No!!!NOT ME!!!!WHY ME!!! How do I handle this emotionally as a mommy, my daughter is still suppose to be a little girl and now I have to start buying her training bras! Needless to say I was not ready.

Quickly After, I hid and cried in the bathroom for a few minutes, I realized training bras were the introduction for more to come.I realized I was going to start having a lot more meaningful conversations with my “baby” regarding her body, feelings, and the “world”.

Its funny how a little thing can change your train of thought . I thought that with being a girl myself this would be so easy to explain to her but for good ness sake shes only 7 in my eyes she still was my baby. I knew I had to start getting ready for what is to come. In that moment I realized it was simply my fears that were holding me back and keeping me in that mindset so Time to put my big girl panties on and get to the questions and explaining! I was her mom and also I wanted her to know she could rely on me and come to me about anything! Big wake up call on my end! :)

So There I was in the shopping mall and my “baby” and I picking out those training bras. Questions arose, How many pink would I need?  should I get a blue one? what would look better with all colors? do I have to change them more then once daily? is 20 enough? does this mean I had to change all of her underwear’s to match my bras? It was reassuring on my end that my “baby” was asking me all the common and really great questions. Talk about bonding and really connecting on a WHOLE different level!

Well since that week those training bras are still in the plastic bag!!! ha ha ha I guess she doesn’t think she is ready either. It would have to be added to her list of daily things to do. She’s still trying to decide if she wants to take the next step in life or not, well maybe that my wishful thinking. Regardless I made it! Training bras and all!

Now whats going to happen next who knows but I’m ready!

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