What it Means to This Mom to be a Full Time Mom

What it means to be a full time mom to this mom.

Inside: This Full Time Mom is probably just like you.

Written by Kim Kusiciel


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What is a Full Time Mom?


The short answer: It depends, but it’s each of us…showing up and doing the best we can every day.


The long answer: My definition is not going to be much different from the mom next door. I am a full-time mom. I am a mom 100% of the day for my three kids and to another 5,000!!


Just like you, everything I do is for my kids. They come first. I make sure they have what they need for a healthy lunch and give them the last apple even when I know I haven’t had any fruit that day. They always have what they need.


I am blessed beyond belief that I don’t have to go to work every day. I choose to do what works for my family. I choose to work various jobs outside of my home and a few others that provide flexibility and the opportunity to work from home, on my own schedule. It’s not always easy, but for now, it works.


Take my preschool teaching job for example. To me, my students are my kids. I make sure I get to know them by finding out what they like and incorporating it in class. I look forward to seeing them and when I run into them around town, I can’t help but smile because I have missed them.


I am able to volunteer at my kids’ school, at my church, and with our PTA. I am honored to serve my school district as a PTA leader. I have the awesome responsibility of making sure the PTA mission and values are carried out for our 5,000+ students. In this way, I am a full-time mom to all of those children as well!


My full-time mom status also includes all my friends and neighbors children as my own. I am always ready and willing to help out a friend, so you’ll often see me with kids that aren’t my own. In my trunk, I have extra booster seats waiting for kids that need to get picked up or dropped off. I give out mom hugs to those that need them or high-fives when hugs aren’t cool anymore.


At home, I stay up late to make sure my son’s  baseball uniform is clean and I do my “work” when they are asleep so that I don’t sacrifice my precious time with them for my busy-work. My “work” is varied. It ranges from household management duties to volunteer responsibilities to personal endeavors.


Like now, I love to write. It fills me up in ways I didn’t know was possible. However, I don’t want to take the time to write when they come home from school. I want to visit with them and hear how their day went… or at least get them turned around and out the door to practice on time! Then, when it’s quiet, I can write and think and be…or fall asleep because I am so tired! That is my self-care.


To me, being a full-time mom doesn’t just include being a mom to my own kids. It includes all kids; from my own preschoolers to the 5,000 that the PTA serves. Being a mom and everything that goes into it is overwhelming to think about, but in all the wonderful glory of God, I can’t think of a more important job title than Mom.

There are no happy accidents.


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