A Thanksgiving challenge for you?!

To be thankful. To show gratitude. To express appreciation. These are qualities that as parents we hope our children will learn and continue to display as adults. With Thanksgiving this week, I know in our home we are expressing the importance of being thankful.

Every day I have asked my children what they are thankful for. Their thankfulness ranges from having a dog to having their toys to even giving props to their mom and dad!

With each response I explain to them what it means to be thankful and how little things throughout their day could show appreciation for these things.gratitude journal

While Thanksgiving is a time where we sit down and reflect what we are thankful for, it is something that we should do on a regular basis. It is so easy to move through the year and not really give thought on what we are thankful for.

Many times something tragic in our lives or in the news causes such reflection. I know with the loss of my dad in July, I did a lot of reflection on what I was thankful for. Everything that I was thankful for came rushing to me like a flood.

Thankful for life, thankful for knowledge, thankful for the opportunity for my children to know their grandpa. Since then I have tried to make a conscience effort in acknowledging what I am thankful for and show appreciation when necessary.

Something that I like to do on a regular basis is to write in my gratitude journal. It provides a small space for each day to write something I am thankful for. This keeps the purpose of Thanksgiving within me for the whole year. It allows me to have a thankful heart all year round and appreciate those around me or things that make my life easier.

So when we sit around the table with family and friends this Thanksgiving, let us remember to not only show our gratitude that day but every day of the year.

So my challenge for you is either take 5 minutes our of your day, week, or month, and write a list of what you are thankful for Year round! This is such a great practice and I encourage you to take this challenge on?!

~ Kristen Carlson

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