Thank you Santa, I mean, Mom!

As we muddle our way through December, moving from one Holiday activity or shopping trip to the next, I have never appreciated my mother more than I do right now. 

As a child Christmas was magic.

Starting right after Thanksgiving when that three inch thick J.C. Penney catalog would arrive, my brother and I would spend countless hours pouring over the toy section of every magazine, flyer and ad that arrived at our house. We would circle and list and organize our deepest desires to make sure that Santa knew exactly what we wanted to see on Christmas morning. thank you santa- (2)

We would also attend Christmas parties and holiday concerts at school. We would have gifts for our teachers and our scout leaders and our piano instructor. We would be wearing the right outfits on the right days and have the appropriate Secret Santa present to exchange with our class. 

I never remember Christmas being hectic or anything except perfect. 

My stocking was always full and somehow Santa always got the message about my deepest desires. 

And maybe it was the distraction of the new toys or the fact that we were all really tired from Midnight Mass, but I also never remember how exhausted my mother must have felt on Christmas day! 

As a child I didn’t see her fatigue and stress because I believed in the magic of Christmas. And I believed in that magic because of her! She worked tirelessly to make sure that Christmas was perfect for my brother and me, and that we believed that it came together because of Santa and those reindeer.

Now, as a mother myself, I appreciate everything she gave of herself for us. 

Just recently I was laughing with my father that I was getting annoyed that I do all the work and Santa and his elves get all the credit. It is really a thankless job to be a Mother, but even more so during the Holidays.

Now, as a Mom, I am the one making note of all the toys they want then staying up late ordering those toys and having them shipped all over so that nobody sees a glimpse of a box or a tag. I am the one late at night, secretly wrapping presents that have been in hiding. I am now the one coordinating gifts and outfits and activities and making sure it is all taken care of. I am the frazzled Mom who works hard to keep that magic alive in my home and in my kids. 

And I wouldn’t have it any other way – It’s now my job to pass on the magic that my mother gave to me! 

My memories of Christmas are priceless, and I want my kids’ memories to feel the same way. And if that means that I am driving from Target to Target trying to track down that last Paw Patrol figure – then so be it! 

So, to all the Moms, Dads, grandparents, caregivers and more out there who are working hard to keep the Magic of Christmas alive, I appreciate you! I also feel your pain – but it’s worth it! 

I will also raise my coffee cup to you on Christmas morning (it may have a little Bailey’s in it) as I watch all the Magic come together! 

Cheers and Happy Holidays! – Emily 

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