Teaching Moments: Through Our Kids Eyes

by: Cristina Coreas, Blog Director

A couple of months ago I was writing a blog on the grand responsibility we have to be the impact in our children’s lives, but sometimes it is the other way around.  I was driving the other day and someone abruptly cut me off with no warning sign.  If anyone really knows me they know that when I’m driving that is one of my pet peeves and of course, it got me going.  I did my whole crazy person act as I talked to the person in front of me like they could hear me give them a piece of my mind.  Forgetting that my lovely daughter is watching my every move, I hear this tiny voice from behind say, “It’s ok mommy, they will be careful next time.”  Her little voice soothed me and softened my heart and I sat their thinking what grace she had at that moment and it was a God moment for me as she spoke.   It quickly reminded me that despite other people’s actions I needed to have grace with others.  I needed to pray for that person’s safety as they were driving and not tell them off.  I’ve reflected on how many times God teaches us through our kids actions or sayings and here are just a few reminders for us all.

Be determined and be fearless: 

As parents we have watched our children attempt those oh so anticipated first steps.  It doesn’t happen over night.  Those kiddos go through bumps, plenty of falls, moments of fear and insecurity but they don’t give up.  They continue to push until they finally get it.  Lets learn from them that when things get rough, when we are scared and feeling insecure not to allow those thoughts to keep us down on the ground, lets dust ourselves off like that determined baby and walk past our fears.


Have faith and let God:  

I remember hearing a child bragging to another child about how strong his daddy was and that he could fix anything.  He believed in his daddy so much and had complete faith in him.  He trusted his dad and spoke highly of him.  I’m sure we have all seen that or experienced that in one point of our lives.  Maybe you have seen the look of awe and admiration kids have about their parents; they are just so in love and feel so safe.  What a reminder to view our God in this light.   Let’s remember how great HE is and to trust that He is in control and has nothing but the best of intentions for our lives.  Remember to love HIM unconditionally and depend on Him just like a child.

Be forgiving: 

How many times have you reprimanded your child and five minutes later they are back in your arms telling you how much they love you.  Now how many times have you done that with your peers? Your co-workers? Your family members?  Learn to let go like a child and show your love towards that one person that might have caused you hurt.  We might see how much more fulfilled we will feel and lets face it, letting go just makes us live our lives a little better; with a little more peace.

Be compassionate towards others: 

 I’ve seen my three-year old daughter go to a child that is crying and say, “Can I give them a toy?” “Can I give them a hug?” She is willing to ease their pain and has compassion towards their hurt even though she doesn’t understand it.  She doesn’t question it or sit quietly and just stare.  She is willing to help alleviate them from their misery and sometimes those kids just stop and look at her in confusion or sometimes they embrace that love she is willing to give.  How many times have we walked past a hurting stranger without saying a word?  How many times have you felt that impulse of wanting to heal that hurt and hesitate because you fear you will get judged?  Be compassionate despite your thoughts.  Pray for that person and help someone who is in desperate need, stranger or not.


Be helpful:

 I know you all can relate to this as a mommy or daddy. Your child comes to you and says “can I help?” In your mind you’re thinking oh I can do this much faster alone, but let them help. They are so eager to do things for us and for others with so much excitement and good will. Even though they might do it all wrong, or it might take longer than you expected it to, their hearts are filled with joy to be able to help us out.  We can learn from them.   Let’s learn to help others with a joyful heart and enthusiasm.

Look past the outer shell: 

Occasionally I take my daughter to the mall and let her built up energy be exhausted in those little play areas.  Thank God for those! As I sit there and watch her play I see so many people of different backgrounds, cultures, and colors.  In that moment not one child is segregated, not one child is being looked down upon.  Those kids could care less who you are because they are all there for one reason, to have fun! Let’s learn to look past a person’s ethnicity and cultural backgrounds and get to know someone for who they really are.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was one big playground? 😉

be you

Be Unique, Be You:  

My daughter has asked me to walk out of the door with yellow pants, purple socks, and a blue shirt.  She might want to wear her rain boots when it is nice and sunny outside.  I like her to wear dresses and she wants to wear comfy pants.  I want her to wear bows in her hair and she wants to have her hair in her face.  This is who she is. She is unique down to the way she wants to dress to the way she wants to speak.  She isn’t worried about what people are going to say or think.  She isn’t worried about being judged.  Now a days, in a world full of judgment and expectations I encourage you to be who you are.  I encourage you NOT to worry about raising your child like so and so and making sure you are on top of the latest fads and trends. Be YOU, you are unique and beautiful. You are what makes this world unique and beautiful, step out of the mindset of judgment and criticism and embrace who you are.

I can go on and on about how God teaches us lessons through the lens of our children’s innocent world, but I encourage you today and everyday to be sensitive to those moments with your own children and ask,how is God speaking through my child for me today?

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  1. Hannah Washup
    2 years ago

    This really answered my problem, thank you!

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