Are you ready for summer?

 by Blog Director: Emily Hill

I was chatting with another mom at a Popsicle Picnic at my daughter’s school and she asked me, “Are you ready for summer?”

I laughed and then had trouble answering the question. Which left me wondering about whether or not I really am ready for summer.

Of course I am ready for sunshine, the pool, and ice cream cones on a hot summer afternoon. I’m ready for fires on the patio and sitting outside with my husband after the kids go to bed. I’m ready for bar-b-cues and relaxed family get-togethers. I’m ready for bike rides, sprinkler jumping, skinned knees, picnics and all the other joys of summer.

Last Day of SchoolAnd I’m even looking forward to loosening the reigns on our schedule and enjoying the addition freedom.

Yet, am I really ready for summer?

Those beautiful, picturesque moments are mixed with meltdowns, exhausted, dirty children, boredom, fights, and sweltering heat. There will be sunburns and injuries and yelling. I will be hot and tired. They will be hot and tired. And we will all rejoice in August when the school year begins again.

But still, am I ready for summer?

When I was teaching and childless, my answer would have been “Heck Yes!” But as a parent it is different. I look around at the other moms and realize everyone is going through the same transition period. We are attending end-of-the-year picnics and parties and trying to tie up all the lose ends of this year while simultaneously working to get our summer schedules or lack there of in order.

Who knew that such a laid-back time of year could be so stress inducing?

There is pressure to sign kids up for just the right amount of activity: not too much but definitely not too little. A balance of freedom and structure, fun and learning. But how can you know?  Each kid and each summer are different.

So, am I ready for summer?


I’m ready to get this party started! Enough of the planning and guessing – let’s get it going. No matter how many hours I spend pouring over park district schedules and camp brochures – the outcome will be the same. There will be highs and lows and together it will be wonderful.

So – if you are looking for me, I’ll be at the pool! And if you hear any yelling – just look closer because a picturesque moment is in there somewhere.

Love and Light – Emily

Happy Summer

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