Our Boring Summer

by Blog Director: Jessica Nieminski

Soccer, camp, baseball, gymnastics, swim, foreign language class, jump start math programs, art classes, and so much more.  I swear some kids have a busier schedule than the President now and days!  That was not an invitation to talk politics so simmer down over there.  I hear and see all the posts on social media about where people have taken their kids and asking everyone where they should go next.  Here is what my social media post would say:

We are doing NOTHING this summer!!!photofy

That’s right folks eat your hearts out and let the jealousy creep in.  I am planning the most boring summer for my children and it is going to be horribly awesome!  We are not going to spend our summer shuffling from the pool to the theme park to play dates.  I am not going to spend countless hours packing picnics that no children actually want to eat once at the park.  Nor am I going to spend a college fund worth of money on weekly summer camps, activities, or trips to kids places.  We aren’t going to go out and buy more than an occasional ice cream and I am certainly not going to waste my time creating a Pinterest folder of summer activities that I will never actually do.  Let’s be real, most of those end up on that “nailed it” website anyways.  So there you have it, my unplanned plan for summer—whatever that means.

It may seem strange to have a plan not to have a plan, but I truly don’t care.  I have done all kinds of things with my little loves and one thing that I have learned in the most painful ways, days, and tantrums is that LESS IS MORE!  The more moments I try to create and things I try to fit in, the more chaos that seems to break loose.  Nothing is more annoying as a mom than planning this special day to some pricey place all to realize that today is the day that everyone is going to cry…. a lot!  A real lot!!  In that situation with everyone’s stress high and patience low it can be down right miserable.  I’m not doing it!

Of course we will go some places and do some fun things, but in no way will we have this over scheduled and overly exhausted summer break.  We are gong to play in the sprinkler, ride bikes, walk to the park, read books, play outside, color, and watch movies.  Who knows maybe we will even drink from the hose!  Sure we may make some juice popsicles or something, but pouring juice into a popsicle mold is hardly any daring or complicated feat.  We are going to get messy and enjoy the little moments that come in their most natural and purest form.  We have become a society of “super moms” who spend their time trying to create this perfect world and end up stressing ourselves out, and therefore our children out.  It’s like everyone thinks that they need to always be somewhere or be doing something.  Doesn’t anyone else just want to stop and really enjoy life?  Is this how we want our children to live and be what they think they need to live up to when they are parents?  Do we really want to teach them that they have to fit all this unnecessary stuff in?  When you parent you lead by example and I want my kids to understand that finding balance is key.

Maybe you don’t agree with me and that’s just fine.  Quite frankly, I don’t care.  In my mind our therapy schedule, taking care two toddlers, working, cleaning, playing, cooking, and being a single mom is more than enough to do.  If you want to spend your summer with some insane itinerary and elevated stress level then rock on.   I am a great mom, but I am hardly super mom and I am not going to spend my time trying to be one.  Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go read a book and rest up for our enjoyable day tomorrow of good old fashioned fun.  If you need me though, I’ll be here because this summer we are doing absolutely nothing and I am going to love every minute of it.

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  1. Liz Luna
    3 years ago

    I love this and I agree whole heartedly!!

  2. Sharon Nieminski
    3 years ago

    True words. Great post!

  3. Francielle Daly, Full TIme Mom
    3 years ago

    SO great!

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