If Your Teen Wants Summer Work, Look Now…


kennwkiseratmorguefileWhile the warmth of summer may seem like a distant dream, many summer businesses are making their staffing plans now and have actually already been recruiting teen employees for a couple of months.

It may sound surprising, but if teens wait until school is out, many employers will have already hired who they need and finding work can be hard. But, teens starting in January still have many first picks of jobs, so that’s the good news.

Having a teen daughter myself who loves to be fashionable, I’m setting her sites on finding summer work so she can experience managing her own money and enjoy wearing those cute outfits – and also putting some money away.

The following link is one of many that provides excellent suggestions for job searching teens (and parents) to be aware of.


The link asks the teen to figure out what their skill sets are and what they like to do and gives many ideas of places to inquire about work.

It also gives great ideas and how tos for resumes and interviews as well.

I also find that networking with other parents is a great idea, especially if you know families with older kids that have worked before. They can possibly put a good word in for your child (but make sure your child takes this seriously – it would reflect badly on a referring employee if the candidate is late, doesn’t show up for work, etc.)

My daughter is 16, which is the age that most places hire, so this is a prime age to get that first job.

When I was a teen in the 1980s and turning 16, most of us were anxious to work and we were all talking about where to get jobs so we could afford to do the things we liked.

Academics, sports, and extra-curricular activities seem to have really amped up their commitment requirements for teens in recent years, but there are still many options to balance everything and make a job work into the schedule.

Although we’ve found that several places (including some clothing chains) prefer to hire teens who are 17 and have held a job before, getting that job at 16 is an excellent idea not only to pave the way for references for future jobs, but to get familiar with employers so that they are interested in hiring a teen back for the next summer or for weekend work.

Best of luck to your teen job hunter!

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