Giving myself some Grace!

By Blog director: Margaret Zupancic

Well the world’s okayest mom is now struggling with to wean or not to wean, that is the question.  So I thought that going back to work from maternity leave, would be difficult and it really hasn’t been.

My little princess is cared for just across the street from my work.  My best friend of over twenty years, cares for her.  She has two girls who love my daughter to pieces and missed her all summer long to the point where they wanted to visit as often as they could.  I know that leaving her there, I am providing her with an environment where she is loved and cherished.  So why do I still feel guilty?  Well her 1st birthday is just around the corner and I can almost see the finish line as I did with the twins but something in the back of my mind is saying ‘I’m not going to make it’.  Now for all that know me I am a pretty positive person but I am just plain exhausted this time around.  I feel selfish that I want so badly to sleep and not worry about nursing in public, or the car, or wherever she needs to eat.  I can’t get to the cow’s milk fast enough.

My twins were ready to wean and when we got to the one year old date we discovered that all the money we saved on formula was only saved for toddler formula.  They were (but no longer are) unable to drink milk right away and  formula.  So I guess I am worried that the same thing might happen with her and I might not be free for formula after all.  I guess I should just leave it in God’s hands and let the little princess decide what is best but I do look forward to the first guilty free cocktail coming very soon.  Maybe some of you would like to join me for that!! haha

Thanks for your support.

I love to spread a good joke when I hear one so here it goes:

Three men were standing at the river bank and the first man said a prayer to the Lord asking for the strength to cross the river.  And he grew muscles and swam across. About 30 minutes later he was on the other side.  The second man prayed to the Lord and asked for the strength and the tools to reach the other side. He grew muscles and a boat appeared.  He jumped in the boat and paddled his way across.  About 15 minutes later he was on the other side.   The third man prayed to the Lord and asked for the strength, tools, and wisdom to cross the river. A few seconds later He was turned into a She and she walked down the river bank and over the bridge. About 5 minutes later she was on the other side.

Sometimes I call on the joke to provide me with the strength and knowledge I need to get me through the day. I know that God made us, women strong and that we can do anything we put our minds to.

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