Shine the light

There I sat in my car observing the person in front of me and behind me at the stop light … One was a woman looking in her mirror rushing to get ready she seemed like she had a couple children may be married still seemed like she had a decent job by the look of her car, and the one behind me was a man and a women looking like they were having a conversation, they looked calm and collected, they were in a minivan , wasn’t the best looking minivan and looked like they had 2 or 3 kids in the back seat.

So I sat there at the stop light and thoughts rushed thru my head and then it hit me! Each person I just looked at I had a perceived view of what their life was, and judged them right away! I assumed they had these certain types of lives and I never meet them!

Then the next thought that really was interesting was the thought that they were human just like me and who KIMG_1593NOWS what they are going thru at this present time! And who was I to even think of all the thoughts I just thought!

I mean the lady in front of me could have been late for a very important meeting or she was late picking up her child. The people behind me could have been talking about how they were going to make it for the next month or maybe about starting a new job. Regardless of what they were going thru each of them had a life and within that life they have a mission and purpose! How cool is that! TO know that each person around me had SPECIFIC gifts and skills that only they were good at. That they had a dream only they could fulfill on, they were given the strength to go out there and do what they were called and no matter what circumstances they were going thru it was going to be accomplished because the one above has the perfect plan on how it was going to happen! He truly had the details thought out and laid out so we could make this mission and purpose happen just the way he wanted!

Isn’t it funny how we get so worked up about our stuff, our problems, our circumstances, and instead of thinking about ourselves and probably should be thinking about the person next to us and see what it is they need next in life instead of focusing on our negativity.

I believe its important to first work on us and personally develop ourselves but that a job that will never be finished. We will always find something to improve on and implement in our life and that process will NEVER finish. That because it called GROWING!

so if we continue to do that and still allow the concern about the person next to us be important to us then we will understand the purpose of why we are here. WE then will be able to see the many skills and gifts we have by contributing to someone else circumstance or situation. If we continue to keep to ourselves and allow the bad consume us we will never be able to have the person next to us shine some light in our life’s so we can shine some light to the one on the other side of us.

So my challenge for you is to look around you, and instead of judging or thinking that person life maybe a certain way why not go up to them and find out what it is they need next in life. You may not have the answer at the moment but just allowing them to share with you and you listening REALLY does make a difference and I can promise you it will make a difference in your life and in your heart! Something amazing will start happening and well ladies you may not want it to STOP there!


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