Top 5 Resources to talk to your children about Sexual Abuse

and as early as the age of 2!

Researched by: Francielle Daly


1. Rainn: Rape, Abuse,& Incest National Network Website

Talking to your child if you suspect that they are being sexually abused

2. Focus on the Family Website

Talking to Your Kids About Sexual Abuse: Parents must keep their children out of potential risky situations and teach them what to do if someone tries to exploit them sexually.

3. Our Kids Website 

How To Recognize Abuse- What Constitutes Sexual Abuse?

4. You Tube video!

YouTube Preview Image

5. My Body belongs to Me Website

Learn about the Book!

****Also*** Read my featured article in Applaud Women Magazine- pg. 45

“Explaining Sexual Abuse to your child- When to start.” 

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