Promises, No income, and Hope

So, I finally received another child support statement in the mail. It states that they found my daughters father working and they promised me a certain amount would be given to me monthly. With the amount passed due! It’s sure a relief only thing is, my daughters father states he is looking for another job and will be going for a interview real soon. That means funds will be on hold till he finds A LEGIT job.

This is the thing, he does this EVERY time I receive a statement so he will just continue to acquire a balance and not pay me! What he doesn’t realize is that once it gets to a certain amount court orders and warrants will be out there to get him. Of course part of me does want that to happen but the most of me simply wants there to be an agreement and for him to keep that agreement. I don’t think it’s fair that every month when it comes to dance, gymnastics, school, school supplies, uniforms, etc. I am the one worried and frantic about how I am going to provide! Am I going to have enough this month!

You see this is not a new story or has things gotten worse it just has been a broken record. When it comes to helping us financially, its been like this since day one!

There were so many signs but like they say when you are in love you could be blind! I sure believe in that quote now!

If you were to ask me how I am doing, I would say ok and go on my way. However, 3 years ago I didn’t need to say a thing of how I was doing, you could see it in my attitude and the way I looked. I was so skinny and drained that there wasn’t a person that would see me and ask that question, Are you ok? Sure I answered I was just fine but really deep down inside I was the crazy one putting up with all of his nonsense. Things were finally stopped because I put an end to it.

This all needed to happen, so I could understand who I was inside and out, who I wanted to be later in life, and these very situations only made me stronger and wiser.

I was able to look deep inside of me after I took myself out of that relationship and realize the type of life I really wanted vs. the life that I was simply settling for! It was a settle that would eventually get me very sick. Thank God it never did!

Ladies, what I am saying is don’t allow a man define who you are don’t allow him to push you around, allow him to treat you the way that God intended for every lady to be treated and that is like a Queen. We are to be cared for, honored, and praised. Not talked down on, hit on literally, and taken advantage of.

I love this quote…..The woman come form a mans rib NOT from his feet to be walked on, Not from his head to be superior but from the side to be equal under the arm to be protected and next to the heart to be loved.……….

There is always a rainbow on the other side of that storm you’re in. It may seem like it will never end! TRUST me it will!!!! Put your foot down and declare over your life, freedom and worth!

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