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MAY is Pregnancy  Awareness Month 

Pregnancy Awareness Month® is celebrated annually during the month of May.  PAMwas established in 2008 by author & lifestyle expert Anna Getty and producer & mompreneur Alisa Donner.  Their mission is to empower, inspire and build a community of support for expectant women and families.  The campaign focuses on four key initiatives:  Education, Exercise, Nutrition & Wellness, and Nurture.  PAM has quickly blossomed into a variety of grassroots events across the country during the month (Check out our Event Calendar for a location near you!) The PAM website is available 24/7 providing tips, new products and social connection for all.

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Mommy Monday’s by Full Time Mom Radio – Part 1 on Pregnancy Awareness Month Education-

 When trying to get pregnant some women unfortunately, experience a long waiting period. According to our guest,  Dr. Lamarr Tyler, D.O., Board Certified Obstetrics & Gynecology at North Shore Medical Group, he shared with us, that ONLY 20% of woman in the first month get pregnant, and there is a 90% chance for those trying in the second month through the eight month. After the 9th month of trying, consulting with your doctor is encouraged. This has been his experience of the 25 years he has been in practice. His stand for his patients are that they have a positive mindset, they insert exercise time and a diet that supports them and the babies health.



I thought it was really profound that he said positive mindset at first. I feel that so many times I have been to the doctors its always about the overall health, what medicines they need to put me on and then the follow up  appointment to see me. what happened to taking the time to make sure i understood and felt good about the medicines and etc.  Where was the personal relationship in the whole visit?? With Dr. Lamarr Tyler he truly has that essence of personal relationship when talking about his process with his patient. I think thats so important as an Ob/ GYN. As pregnant women we are experiencing a whole NEW change a DRAMATIC change. And when we have a doctor I believe its so important to have a personal relationship with that individual so you can be open and ask them anything about your body and the way you feel while you have this little being formed inside of you! It was really great that he also shared what Endometriosis is. Which is, Endometriosis is a female health disorder that occurs when cells from the lining of the womb (uterus) grow in other areas of the body. This can lead to pain, irregular bleeding, and problems getting pregnant (infertility.) I  had no idea this even existed! He also shared how important Folic Acid is in our diets while pregnant and also finding a vitamin that has a DHA, which has omega, Fatty acids in there. It helps so much with the development of the baby. He only spoke for about 15-20 minutes but those 15-20 minutes were filled with soooo much learning! So grateful.


We also had  Carol Wachniak, a Professional Doula, Doula Family is a mother and daughter’s Doula Practice  providing loving high quality Mother, Baby Concierge  & Birth / Postpartum Professional  Doula Services to the Chicago land area. She shared with us what a Doula is. which is, The word “doula” comes from the ancient Greek meaning “a woman who serves” and is now used to refer to a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and just after birth; or who provides emotional and practical support during the postpartum period.  She went over the importance of “us” while we are pregnant and then after being pregnant. Postpartum ups and downs and a way to help prevent Postpartum. Which BLEW me AWAY!!! Placenta encapsulation!!!


Placenta encapsulation is a process in which, immediately following the birth of your baby, your placenta is dehydrated and ground into a course powder, which is then placed into small capsules that look exactly just like any other vitamin or supplement we might take. Mothers then consume these capsules to help them rebound from the birth, avoid postpartum blues, and boost their milk supply. It was at first a little different and a bit weird I thought at first but when she mentioned they encapsulate the placenta then I thought it was pretty amazing! It is the richest organ from our body. I got so much from the first part of our Pregnancy Awareness Series. I invite you to click the link below to listen in on the whole Part one series if you are thinking about getting pregnant or is pregnant. Not only did I have so much fun speaking with these 2 amazing individuals but I also learned so much!!


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Part 2 –

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