Power to the Mom

ftm_ power to the momParenting can be hard. Being a mom, can be really, really hard.

But sometime, just sometimes… it’s easy. Either way, just know that you are totally rocking at this mom-thing!

I have been blessed to be a mom to three monkeys for nearly eleven years. I say “monkeys” because they make loud noises, leave garbage all over the place, fight and knock each other down, and worst of all…they literally leave banana peels all over the house. It’s so gross!

Before becoming a mom, I had a fantasy version of what my charmed mommy-life would be like. It included clean kids, healthy meals, homebaked cookies, and homework completed by 4:30. (Are you laughing yet?)

But somewhere in the midst of actually parenting, I realized that my reality is way better than any fantasy. It’s not because I have three healthy kids. It’s because I have the most important job in the world. On a daily basis, I have to make the tough decisions, haul them around town, heal their sensitive hearts, serve them dinners full of vegetables when they just want macaroni, wash their stained sporting gear, help them problem solve, open up their minds to the possibility that awaits in each day, be there for their brightest moments, clean up their puke, poop, blood (you name it, I’ve cleaned it), and score more hugs and kisses than I ever dreamed possible.

Take my stubborn, middle child as an example. One recent encounter surrounded his summer math packet. He avoided doing it and it got so bad that the other day he blamed me, his socks, the table, his pencil, his “summer brain”, the couch, and finally threw himself on the ground hoping to get out of it because he couldn’t remember how to multiply multi-digit numbers. That’s when he pulled out the “You’re a mean mom!” card. I looked at him and said, “Yes, yes I am. Now let’s get to work.” I didn’t let him get out of it. The look on his face proved that I was being the mom he needed at that moment.

A few days later and it’s his 9th birthday. We hosted a small birthday dinner. Before cake, I thanked our family for coming over to celebrate our son. My brother, in a joking way, looked at my son and said, “Speech!” Without any hesitation, my son looked around the table and thanked everyone for coming. He shared that he knows how lucky he is since not all kids in the world have what he has and that they don’t all have a family like his. Then he thanked me and my husband for being great parents and said how much he loves us.

I was a mess. I mean, a teary-mom mess.

Those are the moments that make being a mom worth it. Those are the moments that make being a mom easy. Those are the moments that are unforgettable.

No matter what kind of parent you are, just know that you are exactly who your child needs. You are a mom and you are awesome! And you are doing important work. So, raise your glass (or coffee mug) and repeat after me:

I am mother. Hear me roar! There is no greater one than she and she is ME. And all of us together makes WE. We are united in our strength and our spirit. We are mother’s.

Power to the Mom!

Yes, there are tough days…but without the tough days we wouldn’t recognize or treasure the great days.

There are no happy accidents.


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