Oh Potty Training – You Sneaky Jerk!

Potty SeatWhen you have your first child, you spend a considerable amount of time just trying to survive. You question every decision and second-guess yourself at every turn. It’s torturous and exhausting and overwhelming. (And amazing and life-affirming and all that warm and fuzzy stuff too).

And at some point, probably after you have kept this tiny being alive for an entire calendar year, you start to get a little cocky. You relax a bit and learn to trust yourself more. You try to be one of those “cool” parents, who says things like “kids will be kids” or “you can’t protect them from everything.” And you are even so bold as to start doling out parenting advice to friends and family members who are embarking on their own parenting journey.

You’ve got this!

And as more time goes by, it just seems to get easier. Kids start eating real food and sitting in regular chairs. They can be trusted with more freedom and taken on greater adventures.

And then just as you get really comfortable and confident, you realize that you now have to potty train the kid!

Damn it!

In one fell swoop, you are back to the beginning and again in the thick of it! There are books to be read and expert advice to listen to. Everyone you know has a strategy or a story or an opinion about how to best potty train your kid. And you went from the cool parent who has it all under control, to the wide-eyed newbie who has no idea what to do.

All three of my kids have been so different, and we are still in the midst of potty training my third. It is like a slap in the face when you realize that you have no idea what you are doing as a parent. And that slap usually comes while you are wiping urine off of some surface in your home.

Potty-training is seemingly simple. Your child does his job on the potty, he gets a reward. He is then motivated to continue to use the potty and thus become trained. End of story.


The reality is so much different, and different for each kid.

And in the past couple weeks, in addition to the extra glasses of wine I have poured for myself, I have also reminded myself that I didn’t meet anyone in college who wasn’t potty trained and this will happen.

And once it’s done, I will go back to feeling confident and cocky and dolling out potty-training advice to everyone I know.

But, I must remember that any time you feel in control as a parent and like you’ve got it all worked out – you are about to get it! Big Time!!!

Cheers – Emily

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