The Power of Play

Power of Play _ FTMHas anyone noticed the beauty that surrounds a child in play? When they are immersed in their imaginary play world, they tune everything else out. It’s like nothing else exists to them. When I catch my kids in this type of play, I am in awe.

I am in absolute awe.

In these moments, I see my child for who he or she really is and I want to hold onto it. I want to keep them in the bubble of childhood play and never pop it because I want them to stay little for as long as possible. There is such joy that comes from playing. So much creativity develops when we let our children play. It improves their communication skills and eventually their literacy skills. Yet, we disregard it in the rush, rush of our daily lives and don’t let the dust settle long enough to allow our children the time it takes to decide on a type of play, get all the components out, set it up, and then actually carry out the story line they created.

If your kids are like mine, it takes them a whole play session to just decide WHAT to play. Then another play session to figure out the story and to then set it up. Then, when you tell them it’s time to clean-up you are met with “ugggghhs”, “no’s”, and other unworldly noises. My husband and I agree that we want all the toys picked up when they are done, however, he thinks that means that day, and I think that means when they are done with the story. I typically have the edge on the argument and can convince him of the importance of children’s play and how they really did just set it up and should be able to carry out the story tomorrow (which we both really know is in three to five days). So the items stay out.

Most of the time my kids get back to their story and play and play and play until they wrap it up and other times the toys stay out and they never get back to them. However, that doesn’t mean that the story they didn’t finish wasn’t worth it. It just means that they got too busy and wrapped up in something else. And that makes me sad. It nearly breaks my heart thinking about it. When I see their toys strewn all around the floor, I don’t get mad at the mess instead I get sad about the childhood that is being lost in the busyness of life outside our homes walls.

As a grown-up, my heart longs for that freedom from responsibility to have the time to create stories and far away lands. I remember the freedom I felt to create immaculate stories and to have an unsuspecting heroine save the day. I felt like a powerful storyteller and I want my kids to feel the same way. I want them to get lost in the story they create when they play. I want them to create characters not found on TV, YouTube, or the web. I want them to fall in love with playing so that one day they will fall in love with reading and writing.

So today, I beg you to please let your children have the time to create through play. Let them leave out the toys so they can come back to their story later. I promise you won’t be sorry, instead, you will be full of childhood wonder and glee. Let them play.

There are no happy accidents.


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    1 year ago

    Great story Kim! I’m trying to let my son play more and watch TV less–sometimes it’s tough but totally worth it for their development, i know :)

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