A new and better alternative than a safety pin!

Ok, let’s face it moms, sometimes those safety pins just don’t cut it for certain things around the house! Sometimes you wished you had something a little more durable and safe.

I’m super excited that I have discovered and tried out, Pinion Pins.

They are very similar to those safety tags you see in department stores to eliminate shoplifting but, they look way better since they are clear and they actually take up more weight!

I love the fact that you can only de-attach them thru a magnetic key that is provided in the kit. Safety feature for the kiddos!

So…. what can you use them for well, I was super happy that I was able to use them for my curtains, attaching them together and eliminating all that sewing that is involved to putting together two sheets into one. I also looked up other various ways to use them and gosh!!!! Do I wish I had them when we were getting married for my hubby’s tuxedos flower. You can totally use it to attach the flower on his tux great idea and once again much safer!

So this is how you use it, you attach the white piece (the cap) ┬áto the pin and its magnetic feature keeps those two pieces together, trust me i tried de-attaching them to make sure my kiddos couldn’t and it was way too hard. That is why this magnetic Key is provided in the kit, this is what allows the cap to come off the pin. ┬áThink of a 3 easy to do system process, 1. pin 2 the cap 3 the key

So, if you need a better alternative then the “safety pin” Pinion Pins are a great solution. Full Time Mom Approved Product!

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