I’m Not a Perfect Mother



I was at my parent’s house the other day and my mom noticed that my little guy had sunburn. He has fair skin and gets red easily. I put sunscreen on him, but if we are out long and I don’t reapply, it happens. So, yeah I’m not a perfect mom, I admit it.
I yell, get frustrated and become impatient. I feel bad when I yell, but I do it when my five year old doesn’t listen. She decided she didn’t like her outfit a few minutes before we had to leave for camp. Did I get upset, you bet! There are times when she does things all by herself, and it makes me happy and proud!
I’m happy to be a mom. I get down and play with my kids. They get lots of hugs and kisses. My house may not be spotless and sometimes it’s easier to make pizza or chicken nuggets for, dinner. Yes, sometimes we don’t have vegetables with a meal! It just means I would rather spend more time with the kids than on cooking.

At the end of the day, my kids are healthy, clean (if they had a bath that day!) Yes, there are days we skip and happy!

Am I good mom? Absolutely! Am I perfect Mom? No! And that’s okay!

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