Parenting Puts the “F” in Fun

IMG_4219Sometimes being a parent is amazing and overwhelming and awesome.

And sometimes, while the rest of the world, including my husband and middle child,  is out enjoying family and friends at Labor Day BBQs and gatherings, I am sitting at home in my pajamas at 6:30pm with my other two children.

This is when parenting is neither amazing nor awesome.

My kids started school two weeks ago, so as you can imagine, my oldest is beyond exhausted and now has a bad cold, my youngest is so tired he is on hyperdrive, and my middle child is only functioning at a slightly human level because she sleeps like a hibernating bear on the weekends.

Today was a beautiful day Рdare I say, Perfect?  Weather-wise, that is. And we had a BBQ to attend this evening. We tried to lay low all day in preparation and to hopefully enjoy the party for as long as possible. However, as the start time drew closer and closer, it was becoming very clear that two of our kids were not going to make it.

My daughter could hardly keep her eyes open and was just dragging herself around the inside and outside of the house while the other kids played. My little guy was just a little bundle of tumolt: he was fine one second and losing his mind the next and then back to fine. It was hard to keep up.

I knew what needed to happen. My husband knew what needed to happen. The Gods knew what was going to happen, yet we just couldn’t come to terms.

I had showered and was completely dressed as if I could just will this whole outing into actuality. But even a shower and a clean outfit was no match for my daughter’s cold and my son’s complete inability to function.

This is when parenting sucks!

When you want to scream “F$@K!!!!” at the top of your lungs. It’s no fun telling your kids that they can’t go to a party they have been looking forward to all day – all week. And it’s even less fun not going yourself and instead staying home with the angry and broken aforementioned children.

But that is parenting. It’s doing what is best even when it is the worst! It’s making the decision that is RIGHT for your child and not what is easy or fun.

And as I think about it now, I realize that this will not be the last time my kids are mad at me because they can’t attend a party. Years from now, it won’t be a family Labor Day BBQ that they are crying about – it will be another kind of party, but the difficulty of being the parent in that situation will be the same.

I don’t know anyone who intentionally tries to hurt or disappoint their child. (Except maybe those few times you have gotten so frustrated and yelled at bedtime because you knew that if your child would just have a good cry, he’d go right to sleep. But other than that …). It stinks when you have to deliver unpleasant news to your kid, especially when that unpleasant news also affects you.

But that’s what we signed on for. We have to take the amazing and awe-inspiring moments with the moments that make us feel like complete crap or those that make us sit in our pajamas all alone on the eve of a holiday while our friends and family enjoy the perfect day together.

So Cheers to those who have made the hard call and done what is right for your kid even when it wasn’t easy. And please pray that my children sleep for 14 hours and wake tomorrow rested, calm and clear.

Cheers! – Emily

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    I love what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and coverage!
    Keep up the terrific works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my own blogroll.

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