Teething? Drooler’s? A Solution!

About a month ago, I came across these 2 awesome amazing ladies Katie and Jana, they had a table full of really cute varieties of fabric shaped as bibs but as I looked closer the shape was much smaller than a bib and the material was much smoother! As I start talking to them, I discovered that they were a form of a bib but called necki’s and they were used often in Europe for infants that are teething and drooling.

Instantly, I wanNeckited to know more! As some may know I have a 9 going on 10 month old daughter and at that time she already had 2 teeth and yes drooling has been a huge issue for her, all her onesies were super wet at times and well bibsworried me as she started crawling more and and picking up her speed. So instantly this “necki” was something I was interested in!

As I looked and felt the material I saw a huge difference in size, length, and feel of the fabric. I choose the one I wanted and literally that day and for the next couple of weeks and still till this day we love putting the Necki on her. It definitely is absorbent of her drool, and now that more teeth are coming in, it’s almost a life saver, so she’s not always wet around her neck area.

It’s also simply adorable, she’s looks like a little cow girl haha, I just simply love the necki on her, It also is comfortable for her and she doesn’t even know she has it on her! Which helps me out so there is no struggle and pulling on her part. I highly recommend this for you, mom, for those kiddos that are teething and drooling! It’s a definite lifesaver and a really cute accessory! Oh and there are ton of choices and colors, so please go now and check it out here! 

A Little History on the Founders, Katie and Jana!

Founded in 2014, X&Y Kidz is a Chicago based company. It all began when we realized that our kids, and children in general, are not only cute and adorable, but also little drooling monsters – especially at the age between 6 months and 3 years. Already very popular in Europe, we started to look for fashionable drool bibs, but couldn’t find the ideal solution. That’s when our business idea was born.

You can learn more about them and X&Y Kids here! 

Hope you like the Necki as much as we do! Enjoy!!!

-Francielle Daly


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