4 tips to have Mother’s Day everyday???


at least for 5 minutes a day!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Some may be super excited and some may look at it as another day to either go to work, go to church, or enjoy the kiddos!

Whatever the case may be, I really invite you to look at yourself and acknowledge who you are, not only as a mom but as a woman who may take on many roles a day! You are so amazing!
As moms we give so much to our kids, our husbands, and we sometimes, always  forget about us! It may not feel right to give back to “us” at times but why not, if we keep giving to others. It so true, when your cup becomes empty, we must fill our cups back up,  in order to give back anything! And continue that process over and over again!

Trust me at first it does feel like we are being selfish or a bit uncomfortable,  but in realty if we don’t give us ourselves a quick break, then we are being selfish to ourselves! I get it we may have babies, toddler, or teens that need our undivided attention and sometimes it’s hard to hand them over to dad or even harder when your a single mom with no one there at arms length to help! I get it!

I can insure you if you allow 5-10 mins to yourself your sanity and state of being will come back with some energy! The more we allow some mommy minutes to ourselves,  the more we love on ourselves and the energy is ignited! the more we can love those around us and give them more of us, too!

 I truly love my 5-10 min to myself!
I have allowed

-myself to be with God, prayer, mediation,
-drink a cup of coffee/tea to myself,
-do a quick stretch,
-or listen to a quick pick me up song!

Whatever you decide make sure you also mark it on your to do list! Never allow me time to pass you by! You deserve it, so give yourself some grace and love on yourself!

Happy early Mother’s Day!!

Listen to our last Radio Show, Mommy Monday’s,

the history of Mother’s Day , who founded it, and some quick tips from other moms about what Mother’s Day really means to them!!! :)



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