Why Having a Mother-In-Law is Awesome

When I first met my Mother-in-law, I was nervous. I didn’t know if she would like me.  Now, 13 years later, I realize I shouldn’t have worried.  She and I have a good relationship.  So, I’m here to tell you that why having a Mother-in-law is awesome.IMG_8256

1) She knows your man the best– He loves you but, nobody and loves him the way his mother does.

2) You have someone that understands his faults– My husband often leaves clothes on the floor or forgets to load his dish in the dishwasher.  It is nice to talk to someone who gets the adoration and annoyance for the mutual man in your lives.

3) She made him who he is today– Does your man iron pants well? Cook a great dinner, clean like a pro? Chances are he didn’t learn how to do that on his own.  He owes his domestic skills to his mother!

4) She is grateful for you– I now understand the bond between a mother and a son because I have a little boy.  It’s amazing, I feel different about my son versus my daughter.  He knows just how to melt my heart.  I think about the future woman he chooses.  I hope and pray she turns out caring, loving and the right fit for him.

5) She taught him how to treat a woman– That gentleman who holds doors, listens to you talk, gives you hugs and kisses was taught all that.  You have a special lady to thank who raised him that way.

6) She will always be there– Her son was her first love, but you are now part of her family.  She is happy to see her son happy and you are important to her!

7) She loves your children so much– She can give you advice because she raised the man you spend your life with.  She will love your kids immensely, and is there to babysit when you need her too.

8) You will become her– Moms of sons, one day our little guys will become men and marry the loves of their lives.  Then we become the Mother-in-law.  I hope I can be a good one, just like my own.


Erica Coghlan

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