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by Blog Director: Emily Hill

My mom has recounted a story from my youth more than a few times. My brother and I must have been in grade school: probably sixth and fourth grade, and we were off to church with my mom. However, she sang in the choir and couldn’t sit with us in the church pew, so we were told to sit in the second row directly in front of the choir where she could watch us.

Well, during that mass, my mom had to sit there and helplessly watch as my brother and I talked and goofed around for the entire hour. We were bad, and I can only imagine the unholy thoughts my mom was having as she stared at us.

At the conclusion of mass she put us in the car and read us the riot act. Then something clicked. Suddenly she had the perfect punishment: we had to stay for the next mass too! And she would sit with us to be sure that we said every word to every prayer, that we didn’t giggle once and that our little bottoms never touched the seat when we kneeled.

I have a vague recollection of this day, but my mom remembers it like it was yesterday. And now that I am a Mom, I can totally relate.

I feel like Motherhood is made up of a series of different Mommy Moments. Some are great and some are not so great.

The great moments are when you feel like you know what you are doing, and you seem to have all the answers. When my mom made us stay for that second mass, she definitely felt like she was doing her job and doing it well. And we all have those moments. When you have the perfect thing to say and the perfect reward and/or punishment for something. You feel like the best the mom in the universe, and you want to go home and start working on your own parenting book.

However, we also all have moments when we look at our kids and wonder what their therapist will look like someday because they are doomed! (Or maybe that’s just me!) Sometimes I get so tired and quick-tempered that I feel like I’m one day away from being on an episode of Dr. Phil watching secret footage of myself. Other days, I can’t get my kids to listen and behave no matter what I do, and it makes me doubt everything I’ve ever done or said.

But, I know that my mom, and all moms have those moments too. That’s what it means to be a mom. You learn to push through the rough moments because you know that there are great moments just up ahead. And all those MHappy-Mothers-Day-Giftommy Moments are what make us Moms!

So, this Mother’s Day, I wish you a day full of great Mommy Moments. But enjoy it while it lasts because you never know what Monday will bring!



Love and Light – Emily

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