Looking for Mom Companionship? Brew some coffee or mix up Mimosas…

Want the scoop on school before your kids attend? Need advice on your kids’ behavior? Want to laugh with like-minded people?

Start a playgroup – kids can attend and play while Moms hang out and talk, or, even better, start a Mom’s coffee group during school hours on a weekday while school-age kids are in the classroom.brunch

When I had preschoolers, we had a playgroup that met Wednesday afternoons. The hosting mom set out little kid snacks of fruit, juices and goldfish crackers and if someone felt ambitious made appetizers for Moms. Sometimes we even had a glass of wine.

When the kids got older, I mixed it up with another group of neighborhood Moms who loved to cook, and would make a full breakfast spread with coffee, egg bakes, muffins, fruit and sometimes Mimosas. We took turns hosting, and each woman would host about twice a school year.

The playgroup and coffee group were the things I cherished the most that were all for me for motherhood.

By being a part of these groups of women, I developed trusting, deep friendships, received advice about school, teachers, and parenting as well as health and fitness info. I also got a ton of great recipes for brunches!

As the older kids grew in the group, I also felt a step ahead learning about the elementary school, jr. high, high school and ultimately applying for college.

I was fortunate enough to live in neighborhoods where people sought each other out and were very willing to open their homes and lives to others.

If you don’t live in a neighborhood where people are outgoing to each other, consider joining a fitness club, looking into walking or running groups in your area, church, synagogue, temple, etc. or check into parenting meetup groups through meetup.com.

If you aren’t into having a bunch of people and kids over to your home, meetup groups may get together at a park or play place for kids and offer a great playgroup; same for Mom’s groups.

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you well. Friendships and bonds with other parents are priceless, and I hope you find your niche.

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