Lunch Box and Field Trip ERROR!


by: Francielle Daly

lunchAs I’m Walking into the office with  my daughter’s lunch and her uniform, I’m totally  in my head telling myself, “once again I have totally messed up this whole mom thing! I feel like I can’t remember a thing and totally not present to what’s going on in my life at times.” I could only imagine what the office staff is thinking and her teacher is thinking! My mind replays the possible conversations they are all having about me, “Yup this moms has totally lost her mind, we constantly have to remind her about her daughter, and to think she is having another child” and then I think,  “Yup they think I’m nuts how could I have another child, if I don’t handle this one!

I mean isn’t that some of thoughts that run through your head?? (( EH! I Hope I’m not the only ONE lol))

You see, I totally forgot my daughter had a field trip today, so she was sent to school in her regular uniform, no bag lunch!

fieldtripOh and to top it off, when I went back the second time, I totally forgot she needed a BAG lunch and I still sent her lunch in a lunch BOX! Ugh! Where has my mind gone!

So there I was waiting at the school office for my daughter to change into her gym uniform and send her off for her day! A day in which she would be ok, taking care of, and most importantly having a grand time with her class at the children’s museum! But I still couldn’t see it that way as I walked out the school in tears and disappointment in myself! Talk about emotional, hormonal, Pregnant me! (now writing about this, I can laugh about this)

As I drove home I kept hearing a voice  in my head say, “GRACE, GRACE” And then it hit me! Oh ya!!!!!! Grace, Grace! We had a guest speaker, The awesome, Bobbie Houston Pastor from Hillsong Church, came in a few weeks ago and she spoke about “Grace Grace!” And when life gets out of control just keep reminding yourself about “Grace Grace! Oh man was that playing as loud can be in my head! GRACE GRACE! That message inspired me so deeply that when I left Church, the current circumstances that I was facing was simply a circumstance. The significances I created to go along with the circumstance, was gone and I allowed God to handle the rest! I guess I needed a reminder and now in this case I was getting another reminder!!

I def needed to give MYSELF some “Grace, Grace!” I had just gotten out if the hospital the day before, with possibility of going into preterm labor, thank god is was a minor infection that could be fixed with antibiotics and some rest! Oh there it is! Rest!!! Have I given myself the right amount of rest and not allowed the doing of things get the best of me?!?!

Yes of course, I’m going to miss things here and there, but if I’m so focused on being perfect, well there you go, I’m setting myself to fail which I did and will do a few more times in my lifetime but at least I understood and accepted GRACE for myself! Wow! Just saying that has freed me up from guilt! You see I’m sure God doesn’t want me complaining and beating myself up over these small things, I’m sure he’s like you do what you can do and I will take care of the rest!

Grace, Grace! I’m truly thankful for this message I heard about a month ago, a message that will play louder and louder in my head when situations like this happen! Ok, so what, if I forgot my daughter’s, lunch, field trip, and etc., her school was kind enough to call me and remind me. I had another chance to make things right! Which I did, I was still able to drive over and provide her with the things she needed. In the end she’s ok, she’s not hurt, and she’s going to be just fine!

Isn’t it funny moms?? How we can beat ourselves up over the smallest little thing! But that’s just it, God MOST DEF doesn’t want us beating ourselves over ANYTHING, he simply wants to know that we are relying on him! He’s the source and energy to all that we do in our life! SO in the midst of this little mistake, I can be reminded of how GRAND and amazing God is and that I’m not in this alone! I have him to count on!

GraceMeansMatthew 6:34- 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Grace, Grace! :)

So I will leave you with this Mom’s, Stay positive even in the mess, stay encouraged when you are let down, and Stay true to who you are because in the end you are only one person! Mommy Mistakes are allowed and expected! ~Francielle Daly

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