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katejohnIsn’t it just great when you finally meet someone you have been connecting with over Facebook or twitter. Enjoying the many accomplishments that they share over time on social media.

I finally got to meet Kate Johnson a makeup artist and the owner of Kate Johnson Artistry.She spends half her time here in Chicago and the other half in New York. Her artistic skills are unique and gorgeous. Looking thru her portfolio you can truly see the passion and talent she has thru each model. So, as you can see she’s highly skilled and someone that knows her makeup and different product lines. When she reached out to me and my team at Full Time Mom to come out and check this new product and makeup line, of course I said yes!

What I learned was incredible and I want to share with you all.

I love anything organic especially after having a new baby and when I was Breastfeeding I was a little uptight in what I could eat. I had no idea that was the same caution I should have had when using products or makeup for my skin.


Here are some Articles for those expecting, breastfeeding, and just general info about skin care and health that has helped me understand more.

Skin care during Pregnancy!


Products that are not safe when breastfeeding!


Skin care and your health!



I believe it’s really important for us, especially as mom’s, to be informed about what products are safe to use at all times regardless of how old our children are. There are just so many products out there it is hard to determine which one to stick with. Right??

Well, I am happy to say when going to Kate’s event and learning about this new skincare line. It excited me! It has organic and essential oil ingredients!!!! I love essential oils and the benefits behind them so when I heard this skincare line had that included I wanted to learn more.

The name of this product is Limelight by Alcone. More information can be found here!  The products and skincare line are all very reasonable. Another plus for us moms! Each skincare product that I used was great since they all worked together and the best part was you didn’t need to buy the whole kit. Each product was used for various reasons vs. one product for one specific reason.

Especially, now that I have sensitive skin after having my baby girl, that is really important to me!!! So, I love that I can pick and choose which skincare product works best for me vs. buying the whole kit and only using some of it!

I also like the fact that you don’t have to use a lot and when you put it on it doesn’t feel heavy especially, the foundation! Gosh, I love the foundation! The whole makeup line they also offer is great! Their makeup line is hypoallergenic and the highest quality on the market Oh and the foundation DID NOT make me look cakey! (( like I shared, LOVE THE FOUNDATION)) The pigment levels in this makeup line is also incredible and is higher than your average makeup line at retail stores! So it will stay on longer!!! Super Yey!

Since Kate is so great at what she does she had a team of other amazing makeup artist there to support us with putting the makeup on as you can see my  after picture shows!  Oh and I was taught how to create the fast and go makeup look! I mean with a newborn at home life is not exactly easy at the moment! I think I look a little more refreshed don’t you think??

I have tried many lines of products and this one I really enjoyed!

Anyways, if you’re in the market for some new skin care check them out! I totally recommend it! This is Full TIme Mom Approved!


Me After applying LimeLight, OHH LA LA! :) ^^^^

with makeup artist Amanda Shallow-


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