Jimmy Case- Check it out for your phone.

Today, I am reviewing the jimmyCASE iPhone case for my iPhone 6s. I did receive this complimentary case in exchange for a review. There were no stipulations for the type of review and all opinions are my own.

For starters, the jimmyCASE packaging is really nice and clean. I especially like the clear packaging and simple design. I also liked the clear Handmade in California sticker. I thought that was a nice touch and a nod to American Made products.
The package opens easily, which is good as a mom with toddlers running around. It passes the one hand test! Upon first feel, this case is smooth and super stylish. It come in an assortment of colors and combinations.
I choose Navy Blue and Orange to support my favorite football team- the Chicago Bears! I also happen to like these colors together and they match my bag of the season (a Modern Mom must have), a navy and white striped bag with mocha brown leather handles. Both bag and wallet iPhone case are a little nautical with a modern twist.jimmycase4
The edges of the case are made from non-slip black silicone and completely cover the edges of your phone. The back of the jimmyCASE is a beautiful and warm-toned mahogany core. It is a touch of class offered above the typical hard plastic case offered in stores today. Like I stated earlier, I went with the navy and blue elastic wallet sleeve. It is advertised as being able to hold 6 cards and cash.
You know what, it can!
I usually only bring 4 cards with me and that includes my drivers license, so this was a perfect solution for me when I want to forgo my whole purse.
This would be a handy case for all moms to have! It makes one handed, throw in the diaper bag, run into the store with the baby carrier errands so easy! Plus, taking a card or cash out of the sleeve is super easy and the sleeve doesn’t stretch out, making it a long-term solution. This is a winning case in my book.

Even putting the case onto my iPhone was easy. It was just a simple pop-it-in type of case. It couldn’t have been easier. I was worried that the button and cut-outs for the phone wouldn’t match up, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.
Everything was lined up perfectly and the depth of the case didn’t block my camera’s lens or impede with the flash. I have had cases before that blocked the flash or even created a fuzz around the photo due to the depth of the case, however this was not an issue with the jimmyCASE.

Overall, this iPhone case is a MUST for all moms and dads. I think it is stylish and functional. That is not an easy feat for a phone case. My only concern is how long the mahogany edges can stand up to knicks or scratches over time. Other than that, I highly recommend this American made product.
You can purchase your own today at www.jimmycase.com. There is even a coupon code available if you share your email address with jimmyCASE. They also offer a 30 day guarantee and free shipping. Don’t wait, go get your own wallet iPhone case today!!
Written by Kim Kusiciel from @NoHappyAccidents & @FullTimeMom jimmycase1

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  1. Ester
    1 year ago

    I’ve had my JimmyCASE for three years, yes, three years. It has held up very well. The mahogany is still beautiful, no scratches. Love my JummyCASE.

  2. Kim kusiciel
    Kim kusiciel
    10 months ago

    Thanks for sharing Ester!! I just love mine and it still looks brand new months after using it! #JimmyCase for the #win!

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