It Only Looks Easy

My daughters and I love to watch Dancing With the Stars. The girls love the costumes and all the booty shaking, and I love seeing the dances and watching the Stars improve each week. I also love being an armchair judge like I have any real ballroom dance knowledge to speak of.

And every season, the professional dancers always amaze me. They are so quick and sharp and athletic and skinny and ripped and most of all, they make it look so easy.

It isn’t until you see a C/D-list celebrity attempt those same dance moves that you realize the athleticism and work that goes into making it look so easy.

The stars spend hours each day in the dance studio and still don’t compare to the professionals. How could they??

The professionals have put in a million hours of rehearsal time and have dealt with set backs and triumphs and struggles throughout their lives that we, the viewers, will never be able to understand.

However, seeing the stars struggle week and week and day to day to just keep up with the grueling schedule and routines gives us a small glimpse at exactly how hard being a dancer really is.

Now, if only they could come up with Parenting With the Stars!IMG_2385

So often I see other kids or other moms either on social media or in person and the kids are well behaved and the mom put together, and I wonder how she can make it look so easy?!?!?!

I feel like I am always nagging my kids about manners or to clean something up or to help with one chore or another. Or in public someone is always running away or whining or spitting. And I’m constantly barking at them or frustrated.

I find myself torn between wanting them to have this carefree, perfect childhood that involves all these magical experiences and picture worthy moments, but also wanting them to pick up their F-ing rooms! And put their shoes away!

And all I can think is that just like dancing: it’s harder than it looks to be a parent!

Sure it looks easy when you are in public and everyone is well-rested and acting like civilized human beings. But that’s only a small, small, infinitesimal part of being a parent. The hard part is at home, behind closed doors when everyone is tired and hungry and crabby. Your job as a parent it to make these monsters into decent human beings and that is not always fun! And it usually drives me to drink mass amount of wine!

But just like the Stars learn in the end – it is worth the hours and hours of hard work in the house, behind closed doors. Because hopefully someday, you will be the one making it look so easy with the well mannered and put together children – even if you did just lose your Sh*t at home in order to get them all in the car on time!

So the next time you see a seemingly perfect mom and her kids or an amazing professional dancer and wonder “how does she do it?” – just think about all the hours behind her and smile knowing that it isn’t as easy as it may seem!

Cheers and Happy Early Mother’s Day! – Emily
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