Is That Your Alarm?

By Blog Director: Marcielle Oppenheimer

It’s 4:21am and the first alarm of my day goes off.  I am a snoozer so I set my alarm at 4:21am so that I can get up at the next alarm, 4:30am.  This is the first of many alarms that goes off during my day.  Without alarms I would not know what to do with myself as I have a hard enough time keeping organized as it is.  4:21am, time6am, 3:30pm…the list goes on.  Most people with organization problems can probably relate; throw in some kids and it’s a wonder how anything was ever done before I got an iPhone.

Recently my schedule has changed and I find it to be quite depressing and challenging.  The reason I find my new schedule depressing is that it now subtracts from my family time.  I used to get home by 3:30pm at the latest, get dinner started at 4:30pm, eat at 5:30pm, walk the dog, play, bathe the kids and then be in bed by 8:30pm at the latest, (baby is in bed by 7:30pm).  Now I am home at either 4:30pm or 5pm and running around to get everything done.  I am not a fan!  As a full time mom, full time worker bee, entrepreneur, and volunteer, I have to find a way to balance every day so that I can make the most of it AND GET SLEEP.  What is a mom to do?

Here is a trick I learned many moons ago; unfortunately I cannot remember who I learned it from.  Break out your pen and paper, grab your stop watch, grab your cell phone, get your big girl pants on, and put together a plan.

Here is what I am working on for the next week or so:

  • Write out a list of all of my responsibilities
  • Time how long it takes to complete each task, including kid related stuff, and driving
  • Calculate how much sleep is needed to properly function and still be happy with my kids
  • Determine if I need help getting everything done
  • Reach out to those who can help
  • Write up a new schedule
  • Set alarms on my phone
  • Remember that some days things may not go to plan
  • Be flexible to a point
  • Test drive the new schedule
  • Make adjustments as needed

For the most part, once I have things scheduled out properly I can stick to it.  If I don’t stick to a schedule things start to get too hectic for me, I fall apart, and then I have to battle with my depression.  I fight really hard not to fall back into depression; it is a constant struggle that I don’t want my kids to experience.  The best thing to prevent my kids from seeing me fall apart is to stay on schedule!

For insight into the types of things I list, here is a Google doc link:

For those who need it, I hope this helps you.

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