How to Relax When You are on Vacation! 8 Real Life, Busy-Mom, Tips for True Relaxation!

how to really relax as a busy mom

Written by Kim Kusiciel


You did it. You got yourself and your kids out the door and you have arrived at your destination. It feels like you just ran a marathon, doesn’t it? Now what? How do you really unplug and un-busy your mind so that you can really, relax and enjoy your family vacation.



Here are my top tips!

-Put your phone in airplane mode. Promise to only check it once a day. This goes for everyone in your family. Agree to connect face to face with each other. More on this later!


-Read a book. It may seem forced if you aren’t used to taking quiet time and reading, but just do it. You’ll find yourself making excuses to read the next chapter and may even start a second book before your trip ends!


-Journal! This could be done the traditional way with a pen and paper or you might journal through pictures. Use your camera or your phone (still on airplane mode of course) and take a photo journalism approach to documenting your trip! Focus on the details and what makes this family bonding experience unique, not just a summary of your day.


-Take a Social Media Time-Out! Not everyone needs to know that you are out of town (hello burglars!) or that you had ice cream at the old fashioned ice cream shoppe on Thursday night. Focus on your family and not on what others think of you or how seeing other people’s vacation pictures impact you. Try it!


-Connect with your self, family, and any friends on your trip in a mindful way. Play games, run around town, get that extra giggle out during surprise tickle time. Just have fun! Treat this precious time as a gift and be sure to spend quality time with everyone, and yes that means YOU! Remember that book you brought! 😉


-Build relationships IRL (in real-life). Remember that Social Media Time-Out, use that to your advantage to focus on the people in front of you. Listen to each other, compromise, share love, compassion and empathy with one another. Use this time to break down invisible walls and barriers that keep you from being your true, authentic self with the people you care about most. Make sure they are doing the same.


-Jam out to some great tunes! Make playlists that can accompany different parts of your trip. You could have a beach playlist for chilling out on the beach, party music for some bonfire s’mores, or kids tunes for an afternoon of freeze dance and kiddie fun! Let everyone take a part in it by picking music or making their own lists. Be sure to download all the songs, so that your phone can stay in airplane mode. 😉


-Hydrate, make real food, indulge in special treats, have that second glass of wine, go out to dinner, enjoy yourself and your company. You may never get another chance like this. Take it!


You can catch up on your emails, phone calls, text messages, and social media accounts on your way home. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to reconnect at work or at home once you recover from your vacation. And yes, the laundry can wait…unless it stinks, then ask your partner to wash it!


There are no happy accidents.



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