Homework Madness

Last week…. I honestly wanted to pull my hair out! First week of homework!!!

IMG_8065It’s not that my oldest didn’t want to do her homework, it’s just that she needs me to guide her through her homework still, the 20 month old wants attention, and then when the 2 month old wakes up she’s ready to eat!!! LACK of planning and process!

It really just got to me! Trust me I am all about processes and structure for goodness sake I help business owners with setting up their processes, my husband depends on me to make sure the finances are put together, and so on…

So this week just got to me, I honestly think it was the hormones and the lack of asking for help!Aah! there you go! I didn’t ask for hep! I seriously was trying key word trying to do it all on my own thinking I had it handled.

Let’s be real moms, I get the whole supermom ideal, and I honestly HATE it, it puts too much pressure on us and doesn’t give us permission to ask for help!!!!!

Anyways… this week I got the process down!

Come home take an hour break
Eat dinner
After dinner start homework
Time to Relax
During Homework time, the baby is usually napping, 20 months old is wanting to color and sit with us, and the moment time to relax happens baby wakes up and I can be with the baby for a bit.

Of course having a process, things won’t always go as planned some nights we have after school activities so once we get home from school we would….

start homework
have snack
go to after school activity
eat dinner
relax and go to bed
It all takes time, thinking, and making sure things work for you, mom, I understand our kids may want it a certain way but getting a schedule together, sharing this schedule with them, sets everyone up for success, AGAIN, things may not always go as planned but there is now structure and some ease of mind!

Yes!!! Am I excited!

Share with us what you have structured for homework, after school, etc…

More ideas and tips truly bring us together and set us up for success!

We are in this together.


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