Holiday Traditions- Where do they come from?

holiday traditions

holiday traditions

I was on the phone with my sister-in-law the other day and we got to talking about traditions, specifically Christmas traditions in our families.

My kids are 10, 9, & 6, and her only child is nearing 2 years old. We were talking about the upcoming holidays and she mentioned that they don’t really have any traditions or ways of doing things with their little guy. I let out a little giggle and said, “We don’t really either” and then I stopped and said something like, “Well, I guess we do, but we didn’t intend to start them, they just sort of grew out of the kids liking the way we did certain things.” We continued our conversation and decided that we both gravitated towards doing things the way we did growing up. It’s funny how when you are a new parent, you tend to fall back onto how you experienced life as a child and then want to replicate or improve that for your children.

My husband and I have only crafted three specific traditions with our kids. One he carried over from his youth, one I copied from mine, and one that I created on my own. The rest are all created by them over the years.

He used to receive new PJ’s every Christmas Eve. It was a delightful memory of his, so when our first born celebrated her first Christmas, we gave her new Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve. We followed that up each year and now we give them the PJ’s when our Elf arrives after Thanksgiving. That way, they can wear them all season long!

The tradition I carried over from my childhood revolves around Christmas morning. As kids (and even as young adults- don’t judge) we used to wait at the top of the second floor stairs until my parents had gotten the coffee made and the camera on before we could run down the stairs in excitement. The anticipation was thrilling and my brothers and I loved every second of it. When my husband and I moved into our two-story home we naturally had the kids wait at the top of the stairs until we were all ready to capture their joy and excitement. They love it just as much and even carried the tradition over to Easter morning!

The only new tradition I can say that I created intentionally was to buy a new Christmas book each year for my children. I always write a special note inside and date it. They open it up the first night our tree is up and lit. Then we read it together and add it to our collection of books we display under the tree. Each night we pick a different book to read.  We love to read the books with the twinkle of the Christmas lights. Plus, when they grow up and have families of their own, I can regift them the books that we shared as a family to read to their youngsters. Or I might keep them to myself to read to my future grandkids and they can copy this tradition on their own!


So today, as you celebrate the holidays, think of how your traditions formed as children. Then pause and see if you have created the same for your own or created new ones. Either way, I am sure they are the “just right” traditions for your family.


Happy Holidays!!

There are no happy accidents.

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