Halloween is “Kid NYE”


As I sat back with a glass of wine on Halloween night and reflected on our day of dressing up, school parades, class parties, trick or treating and everything else we crammed in – I began to realize that Halloween is actually just the kid version of New Year’s Eve.

The similarities are uncanny really. And I don’t know if Halloween acts as a cautionary tale to prepare kids for later life and urge them to break the cycle, or if it’s just nature’s way of priming them for the inevitable disappointment and/or chaos will experience some day every NYE. But either way, here’s the proof:

For both holidays, there is a month or more of hype and preparation and coordinating outfits and destinations and on and on – and all for just one night. Should you go out with a big group, a small group, just family, all your friends and siblings, or should you just stay home and relax and skip all the madness? Do you keep your outfit simple or go big? Should you stay close to home or try to branch out and travel a little? Who is having a party and how will you attend them all? And on, and on.

And still, no matter how much planning and coordinating you put into the night, you really just spend your time trying to find your friends. Wandering endless city blocks in the dark while trying to trick or treat serves to prepare you for your future filled with jam packed bars and not a friend in sight. You make one bathroom stop and Poof! Your friends are gone. And why won’t they answer your texts???

There will be a fight. Even when the group is small and the friends are close – there will be a fight. What is there to fight about you ask? What isn’t there to fight about?? With so much preparation and hype, everyone is tired and stressed and anything could set someone off. It could be over a Butterfinger or a spot in line for the bathroom – either way, all roads lead to fight!

And where there is fighting, there is usually crying. Someone cries. Someone always cries. Whether it’s your feisty 3-year-old who doesn’t want to put on his Hulk mask, or your super drunk friend who just broke up with her boyfriend and has now locked herself in a bathroom stall, there will be tears. And lots of them. Happy tears, sad tears, drunk or sugar induced tears – both nights always lead to tears.

Also in both cases, the night is generally a blur and you end up needing your pictures to help piece together the timeline of events. Who did you see? Where did you see them? All this information is hazy the next morning, but thank God you took 1,463 pictures to ensure you don’t forget a millisecond. Plus, those pictures also serve a practical purpose because inevitably you and/or your children lost something along the way, and you need those little clues to Nancy Drew your way back to your lost items.

So, congrats on surviving Halloween! And Cheers to the forthcoming NYE – may it be an epic adventure!

Cheers – Emily

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