How to get your child on a schedule- Back 2 School Special Talk!

How to get your child on a schedule that best fits your family needs best topic for back to school!!!!

Our featured guest on Mommy Mondays Radio show was, Eirene Heidelberger is the founder of GIT Mom, and she’s here to help you Get It Together, Moms!  She is a certified parent coach and runs a full-service parent coaching firm dedicated to helping Moms create more time to do the activities they most enjoy, while also giving their children the type of parenting they need!  The GIT Mom system focuses on guilt-free parenting, recognizing that even though you’re a mom, you are first and foremost a woman with your own life.  Eirene is an advocate for teaching moms her efficient and effective tools of parenting so they feel confident about themselves and their parenting.  Confident moms raise confident kids.  The reality is, when you’re raising happy, thriving, self-sufficient children they don’t need you 24/7 and mom can pursue her own interests guilt-free.

 Eirene is a Mom to 3 boys under the age of 10.  She isn’t afraid to give it to you straight and has plenty of “in the trenches” experiences to share.  Eirene is a work out fiend, loves wine and Tivo (in that order!)  She has loving children who listen and respect her so she has more time for her!

What a fun and exciting interview on Monday! I learned so much about managing time with a schedule that fit the whole family! From our different personalities to our hectic activities!

Some of the key points we discussed were: 

1. Why a schedule so important for your child?

2.  Why a schedule so important for you?

3.  How to start this process?

4. Key elements to include in your child’s schedule?

5.  What characteristics in your child should you consider when setting up the right schedule?

6.  What else should we consider when creating the best schedule for our family?

7.  Dictating the family schedule, mom and dad or child?

8.  My child assist in the schedule process?

9.  Keeping your child’s schedule from getting overloaded?

10.  #1 most important key item to remember when getting and keeping your child on a schedule?

11.  Panic? If we have to change the schedule for the day?

12.  Handling peer-pressure regarding  family’s schedule?

This is a must listen to Podcast! And just in time for back to school! Enjoy!!

To get more info on Eirene and Get it Together Mom-

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