No more, this is enough, Living it up for my kids!

Going through my closet and looking for the perfect shirt and pants seems impossible after having a baby. Ok, Many would tell me I’m nuts since I didn’t gain a whole lot of weight BUT the reality is when you don’t feel good about your body things just don’t fit or look the way you want them and it feels discouraging!

So, a few weetaking-a-break-300x225ks ago I made a decision! No more feeling this way, It was up to me to take action or keep complaining… And well momma don’t have time to complain when 2 girly’s are looking up to me!

So here is what I did.

1. I saw a post on the neighborhood moms FB group about boot camp, Signed up for it in a matter of days! Now, I have a date with Boot Camp and Yoga and Beyond on Monday’s burning those extra pounds and flabby skin I got during pregnancy. Not only am I thankful I signed up but I had a few moms from Full Time Mom that registered with me that’s called ACCOUNTABLY!!!!11882831_731669173645231_2432469333305071652_o

Yes much needed especially for someone that hasn’t worked out in a year or so! And let me tell you how amazing the instructor is, Mandy! She is motivating, inspirational, I mean just look at her bod, like wow, and the fact that she checks in with you and tells you’re doing great… great. I mean us moms even need that “you’re doing great speech too!” So thank you Mandy for believing in us! Ha!

Even if you signed up for a yoga class or whatever, do something that feeds your body’s need to be pushed! Walk around the block! Just get up and do something. I sure knew I needed it and I did something about it! Taking time to nurture your body is so important especially when you are managing a household of kids and yes I mean hubby too!! :)

2.I went thru my closet and if I did not feel like I thought that shirt or pant looked good on me anymore I put it the giveaway pile. Not only did I feel relieved doing this but I started to get myself ready for something new on the horizon!

Cleaning, organizing, and most importantly giving yourself a break is so important and maybe not the break that allows you to put your feet up but the type of break that allows you to be in a positive state of mind!

3. I also dedicated a few mornings a week to wake up and pray with a friend. Ok, Starting off I may not have made every call, I know terrible right?!?! but the little steps to accomplish sometime with God beginning of the day is huge. It allows me to have an amazing amount of peace thru out the day that  I just can’t supply myself!

So If you mediate, pray, or what ever you believe in make sure you start off with that, for me my days will be starting off with Prayer and Jesus Calling. (( Thank you Gina for sending me such a great devo.)

3. Finally I went to the hair salon, I Design Salon to be exact! Yes and I got myself a touch up and not any type of touch up I tried something new, I guess these are the perks of having a best friend, Deanna, that is talented and an awesome hairstylist! So I went in and she and Nikki tried Balayage Highlights on me. What is balayage?

Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint. It allows for a sun-kissed natural looking hair  colour similar to what nature gives us as children – with softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. The principal idea being less is more when creating soft, natural looks. Read more at Marie Claire.11997468_1072946016064029_1859163982_n

11988726_739497796195702_916365114284184667_nYou see these type of highlights do not start at the root so when they start growing out you can’t tell!!! UMMM HELLLLLO MOMS this is EVERY Moms DREAM come thru! So let me tell you after the amazing hair treatment Deanna and Nikki did I left feeling like a million bucks! (( even tho I wish I had a million bucks, ok thats beside the point) Oh, and they also added a roset to my hair, so, in the sun YES you can see some Pink. Hey!!! I’m still human and I think trying a few little things here and there let’s you live a little! So Yes mom’s Live it up a  little because well like I said earlier… someone is looking up to you, your kids!!!

So create a step by step plan for yourself, get out there and take care of yourself, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on yourself, look for bargains, and most importantly give yourself permission to do you! Yes DO YOU! because in the end if you don’t then who will??

Talk to you all soon! I just can’t believe halloween is around the corner!

-Francielle Daly

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  1. Mandy
    2 years ago

    This is a fantastic read! I’m am so proud of you! Keep up the great work!!

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