Wear the Fancy Dress

When my oldest daughter was born five and half years ago, a friend of mine gave her a beautiful little outfit. It was a top and pants from a fancy children’s boutique in our town. 

The bottoms were so soft and simple and sweet. The top was white and had delicate silk flowers sewn around the collar and the wrists. It wasn’t ornate or over the top but it was really nice and really expensive – especially for an outfit for a 3-month-old. 

So, I saved it. I wanted my daughter to wear it on the most perfect occasion and to be sure that the event did the outfit justice. This was not an outfit for just going to Target or on our usual outings. This outfit demanded a something special and unique. 

And so it sat in the drawer unworn. 

When I finally got tired of waiting and went to put it on her, I realized that the pants had grown too short and the top was a little snug! 

What a waste!!! I had waited and waited to the point where the outfit was now too small and would never be worn, by her at least. What was the point of that?

What good is a beautiful outfit that sits in your drawer? 

And that is when I decided to always wear the fancy dress! 

My girls pick out their clothes most days and usually go for the frilliest, most inappropriate thing they can dig out of their closet: flouncie, sleeveless dress in February – ok! 

I applaud their desire to wear their most beautiful clothes everyday. And I fight back my own urge to want to preserve these outfits for some phantom special event down the road. Why shouldn’t they wear their finery every day? Isn’t that what it is there for? 

The picture(s) included are of my oldest in some of her favorite everyday outfits. Her bowling ensemble is my favorite! Why didn’t I put on a dress and an embroidered sweater to go to the bowling alley?EJH Dress EJH Dress2

But really, I have tried to apply this attitude to my own wardrobe because I have a tendency to wear the same simple outfits for day to day living. But what I am waiting for? I’m not talking about throwing on a ball gown for school pick up or running to the grocery store, but when I catch myself looking at something and then thinking ‘That’s too nice for today’ – I stop. And usually I put it on because again, what am I waiting for? 

I’m sure I could apply this line of thought to other aspects of my life, but for now I am going to focus on the clothes. And if you ever see me in a ball gown in Starbucks on a Tuesday, I hope that you are also wearing your version of the fancy dress.

Cheers! – Emily  

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