You mean, I really can get my spouse or child’s father to listen to me!


Our Mommy Monday Radio Show was so much fun! We spoke about more intimacy, connection, and how to communicate with our child’s father or spouse when they agree with us! I mean there really is a way to do this without all that crazy fighting! :)

If you are wondering how to raise a family, go for your biggest dreams, and keep the intimacy alive in your marriage, this is the couple to J Redwatch!  Jennifer Diepstraten, CEO and co-founder, runs alongside her husband Peter.  They specialize in helping people whose relationships didn’t turn out how they thought they would have amazing relationships anyway.  Peter and Jennifer’s partnership has lifted them up to fulfill their most cherished dreams and accomplish what they couldn’t have done on their own.  They are speakers, mentors, and trainers of their flagship program Relationship Success Secrets.  Peter and Jennifer have a blended family comprised of an 12-year old son, 3 year-old son, 27-year old daughter, and three grandchildren. Jennifer has studied interpersonal relationships for 20 years, holds a degree in Biopsychology and a Masters of Science, and Peter lead programs for 6 years for one of the largest personal development companies in the world.

Some key points we went over are the following:

-One of the things that’s a problem for a lot of parents is that one parent doesn’t feel like the other one is backing him or her up. 

Jennifer goes thru some great tools to help with this specific topic! 

-What if your child’s father or spouse doesn’t agree with the way you parent? Choosing what education path to take when you want to go the private way and he wants to go the public way?

Def went thru some key points when wanting to be right vs. listening!

-What else do parents need to have a solid partnership and foundation for their family?

30,000 foot view

creating a solid vision together, North Star

Listening but also being heard

My perspective is not his perspective and that is ok

-What else do parents need to have a solid partnership and foundation for their family?


Listen below so you can also find out what Jennifer is giving away for free.



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