Empower, uplift and validate

parents have the power to empower (2)Yesterday while I was at work I overheard a mother talking to her daughter and my heart broke. The daughter picked out a pair of shoes that she wanted well the mother looked at her and told her that she wasn’t allowed to get those shoes because they weren’t what the popular kids wear.I was speechless to hear such a response and instantly I was filled with rage!I remember being in high school and wishing everything about myself was different. I was so insecure that thinking about it now just hurts.

I always wanted to dance like her. Why couldn’t I be smart like her? I was upset that I didn’t have green eyes, why was my hair so straight? Why was it so dark ? Why was I so tall? I could go on forever but I won’t, I’m pretty sure you have an understanding of just how insecure I was.

The fact that this mother felt it was ok to use such reasoning showed me just how insecure as an individual she was and now she was passing it on to her daughter.

Lost in my many thoughts, I was caught by the mother and daughter staring! The daughter asked me if I thought the shoes were cool. I simply replied that shoes are cool if you think they are, and that I thought the ones she wanted were great! She smiled and whispered thank you!

Her mother, on the other hand, told me I was out of line as she walked away!

But was I? Maybe some would agree with her but I think it was horrible that she told her daughter that she couldn’t have the shoes because they weren’t what the popular kids wearing!

There’s no right way to parent but I do believe that empowering your children is a must. Not being able to have something because it’s not popular should never be a reason!

 Empower, uplift and validate your children.

By Vanessa Garcia

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