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Where we live we are in the thick of winter. Extremely cold temperatures and snow falling every day. We go sometimes weeks without being able to play outside due to the weather. So these months are extremely important to stock up on things for the children to do. One thing that we make sure is that we are fully stocked with arts and crafts and created our own little crafting totes. Whether it is paint, coloring, or other fun crafting materials, we are sure to never be without to keep us entertained in the winter. It is like stocking your pantry. Always having on hand a number of key elements so that you are well prepared. Here is what I believe should be in everyone’s crafting tote.
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We go through a lot of paint. Watercolors, acrylics, finger paint. Each one giving the girls the possibility to create a unique picture. Some of my best artwork hanging in the home has been created from the imaginations of my children.
Construction paper
My girls go through a lot of paper too. They love to cut and create things in the paper. Whether it is different shapes or making animals or paper chains. As long as they can do their own cutting, they can sit there for hours.
Markers and crayons
This one I am positive that everyone has but it is so important in creating a crafting tote. We do a lot of coloring. It is such a soothing process that not only helps me calm down but also the girls. There are many other ways to use crayons and markers. Melting crayons to create amazing artwork, creating wax crayon pictures, leaf printing with markers. These are just a few things that we have created using these things.
Pipe cleaners and pompoms.
Have you seen the endless possibilities on Pinterest? We have made crowns, bookmarks, glasses, stick people, bracelets. The list goes on and on. There are so many fun and unique things you and your children can make with just two items!
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Beads have been a great addition not only for crafting but also for learning. We use them for math and counting. But we also make bracelets, necklaces, bead people. Another item that the possibilities are endless with imagination!
These are the items that are essential in our crafting totes. I make certain we have everything on hand so that their creativity will be able to take off and create things that only their wild imaginations can come up with. It is such a joy to see them create and I hope that in these cold wintry months you too create a crafting tote with these basics to fill your days with hours of play and imagination. I would love to hear what other items you all think should be included in our crafting totes!!
-Kristen Carlson

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