Announcing… Confessions of a Full Time Mom Book

Have you always wanted to write a book but not sure how to begin?

Has anyone ever told you your life could be a turned into a book or movie?

Maybe you have started your book, and no matter what, you just can not find the time or energy to complete it. Every time you sit down to write, something comes up and another year goes by that your book is not published.

Confessions of a Full Time Mom Book CoverMaybe you have written a previous book and now it is time to be apart of a team and a guaranteed best selling book.

On your own,  writing a book is hard.

From finding the time to sit down, flushing out the chapters, the layout, finding an editor, a publisher, and then if you do finish it now what do you do with it. 

When you have kids it even harder. They can become a distraction or life may simply get in the way.

Your story is valuable if you haven’t yet given yourself permission to be an author. I now give you permission to get your story out there.

You are not alone, your not the only one, and your story of struggle can really inspire someone going through something similar.

One of my blog posts was about my miscarriage and had numerous other moms come forth to tell me they also went through a miscarriage or 4 in their lifetime. It gave me closure in my healing process. I also had women share about the struggle of becoming a mom and knowing that others went through the very same thing still gives them hope.

There was also a time when an encouraging story from one of our team members on Full Time Mom, shared about school days and it totally allowed other moms to know making mistakes is OK. 

It’s amazing what one blog post a month can do for someone on Full Time Mom team.  I have received messages like, “Thank you, for sharing the truth about your life, I finally do not feel alone.”

I honestly can’t stress how amazing it is to simply take part of your story put it on paper and just share it to the world. If you could just help and inspire one person reading it, your job has been completed.  What happens is that person will then be inspired to share their story and it simply becomes a ripple effect! I mean how cool is that! Pretty encouraging?!?!

Announcing… Confessions of a Full Time Mom Coming 2017

It’s for you, the mom, that has a story burning deep down inside that needs to be told. It’s for, the mom, like you that could put together a few pages of her story and submit it and have someone else do all the marketing and editing.

It’s for the mom, like you, who wants accountability and a team of other moms that have a desire to be real and authentic with the world about raising their children in this crazy world. It’s for the mom likConfessions of a Full Time Mom Book Cover2e you that has a business and wants to stand out with a business card like no one else.

Imagine, handing your kids, husband or/and family your #1 best selling book, or the person reading could relate to you with a few pages about what you went thru and how you overcame it, or the endless possibilities you could have by finally being an author?!?!

Now, you have 2 choices you could keep wanting to write that book you keep dreaming about one day, allow the distraction and excuses get in the way and never become an author!!! 

Or click register now for a free online event that reveals the top 3 secrets you need to know when becoming an author and how to become part of this collaborative book.


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Confessions of a Full Time Mom Book Cover
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