Childcare and Co-working space NOW in Chicago!

Collide Coworking was created by Nikki

She started this vision out of her own needs to work and have the ability to have her little girl’s needs meet as well, PLAY!!!

So, she started her vision, asked around, and now is collaborating with the play cafes in Chicago with a different concept getting your work done with the luxury of bringing the kiddos along sp they can play!!!

She stated on her website that, These event will give your kids a chance to participate in all that these kids spaces have to offer while you get to experience a coworking environment that will allow you to get some work done. Whether that work is responding to emails, working on a project, updating your blog, or checking The Sartorialist, you can know that your child is taken care of while you do it.

The best part is, the places she has collaborated with are top of the line play cafes in Chicago. AND Lunch will be served during lunch hour! How cool is that! She totally took out the hassle of  managing time and energy!

A TOTAL Full Time Mom APPROVED! :)

Check out her website and Reserve your spot below!

AND don’t forget to put in our Full Time Mom’s 10% Discount code:¬†fulltimemom10





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